Top Ten Android Applications That You Must Try At Once

Android is the most used and favorite smartphone operating system due to the availability of variety of options to choose from the smartphone market. The applications in android are used to fulfill your tasks in quick time and in easy way. There are different type of applications available in the play store from which you can download any app and can install it for usage. In this article, I will discuss top ten android applications which you must try at least once.

Must Top Ten Android Applications For Smartphones
There are the following top ten android applications available in the play store which you must have to try at once if you are using android operating system.

1.       WeTransfer
The first android smartphone application in our list is WeTransfer. This application can be used to transfer or send large files through the use of internet. This application will allow you to pause and resume your uploading of files. You can also send number of pictures to your friends group or to someone directly which is in your address book of the phone.

2.      Rove
Rove is originally an iOS application which is now available for the android users too. This application behaves like a private journal which will automatically update your logs with details like how you got there and how many pictures you have taken there.

3.      Blinkist
This application is a perfect choice for any book lover. This is a subscription service through which you can read many non-fiction titles in just 15 minutes. Every month, they added forty new titles in it.

4.      Ooloo
When we need to know anything we Google it, but this app can be used as a replacement to Google which will provide you 24/7 answers to your questions. The important and interesting feature of this app is that your answers will be replied by human staff instead of machines.

5.      Bound It
This application will give you control over your pictures and you can select which images you want your friends and family to see and what not to see.

6.      After Light
If you are a photo lover and want to manipulate your pictures, then you can use this application which is another app which was firstly in iOS but now available in android. You can adjust the brightness, saturation, sharpening and contrast of your images along with different filters.

7.      MIX
Yet another great photo-editing application which can be used by photographers to create their very own styled pictures with unique styles.

8.      Spin Me
This application is best for you if you want to get up in the morning on time. This application will only switch off when you will get out of the bed due to the use of motion-sensor gyroscope.

9.      Swing Copters
This game is the creation of famous author Dong. Dong become popular after the creation of his amazing game Flappy Bird. The main purpose of the game is to navigate the helicopter in the area meanwhile avoiding the hammers.

10.  YoWindow

By the use of this amazing application, you can check the current weather condition in your country or city. 


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