How to use Siri as your own personal DJ

It often so happens while cooking or doing some other work that we feel the direst urge to listen to some of our favorite music on our iPhones, but can’t get to play them as our hands might be messy or occupied. But now with Siri we can listen to our favorite artist’s and bands or manuscripts whenever and wherever we want to. Yes, you can now use Siri to be your own personal DJ. Whether at the kitchen or in your shower you will never be separated from your favorite music anymore.

The voice assistant feature offered by Apple has many cool skills, one of which is the ability to act as your DJ and manage your music in your phone. One can simply order Siri to play a specific song or album that is stored in their iPhone or Ipad or simply play a random assortment of music from a specific artist. You can also command Siri to play, pause, skip forward, and go backwards or to stop playing and much more.

So here are a list of ways in which you can use Siri to act as your own personal DJ:

  • You can play a specific song: simply by saying the title of the song to Siri you can jive to your favorite digs at anytime. For instance here is a demonstration of how you can do so, simply activate the voice assistant Siri and command it to “play ‘Hey Jude’” and it will play the popular tune from the Beatles instantly.
  • Playing a specific album: feel like listening to an entire album that is stored in your phone? Siri can also do that for you. Here’s how to: simply activate Siri and order it to “Play’ Abbey Road’” album for you, for example, and viola the entire album will play for you from start to finish. What if the album consists of a really lengthy title? Speaking the entire name can be a bit of a stretch. No problem, you can just say the first few parts of the title instead of saying the entire one. For e.g. instead of having to say “play ‘Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band,'" simply ask it to “play ‘Sgt. Pepper’s’”.
  • Playing all songs of a specific genre: feel like listening to some jazz for the day? Or may be some rhythm and blues?  Leave it to Siri. Simply say “play ‘some jazz music’” or “play ‘some r&b music’” and that’s all to it.
  • Play a specific playlist: if you have made a playlist of all your favorite music, Siri can play it for you too. For instance if you have playlist called “60s rock” which contains all your favorite 60s rock tunes, to play it simply ask Siri to “play “60s rock’” and stay tuned.
  • Shuffle your tunes: feel like listening a select few list of songs from an album but in no particular order? Easy, just ask Siri to shuffle your albums. For example by saying “play born to run shuffle” you can listened to the shuffled tracks of this classic Bruce Springsteen album.
  • To pause and resume playing: in order to prompt Siri to pause or resume playing simply say “pause music” and when wanting to pick it from where you had left it off just say “resume music”.
  • Finding out what’s playing: not only your stored music but you can also find out which song is currently topping the charts without knowing the exact name of the song or the artist. Simply tell Siri to find out “what’s playing” and just sit back and relax to latest tunes.


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