Top 3 New Strategy Games for Mobile

Some people who play on their mobiles want games that can be finished in one sitting. Others, however, like to challenge themselves and test their gaming prowess by playing complex strategy titles. Strategy games have come a long way in providing quality entertainment to gamers. Casino games may be the most popular genre in the mobile market today – what with generous free chips that both free and pay-to-play providers give to their players – but strategy is slowly, but surely, making a name for itself. The success of some of the most popular titles out there like Clash of Clans and Game of War encourage a lot of mobile developers today to keep creating games for the strategy genre. If you love challenging games on your mobile, here are three of the best new strategy games that you can download.

Is one of the most successful franchises out there that has been ported to different gaming consoles over the years. It’s nice to see that the legendary 2D side-scrolling action game still hasn’t lost its charm and made a success out of its first ever tower-defense title (the game has over 70 million downloads now). In Metal Slug Defense, players need to defeat the forces of the undying General Morden, and reclaim the Earth from the invading alien army. Players can also test their mettle by going head-to-head with fellow players from across the globe. Metal Slug Defense is free for both iOS and Android users. Heroes of Might & Magic III HD Another classic title makes it successfully to the mobile platform!

was the strategy game to play back when Windows still ran on CRT computer monitors. This HD port has been perfectly optimized for mobile devices, carrying with it the highly-enjoyable elements of war and strategy that players have loved since its inception. In this game, players need to raise powerful armies, construct monuments, and navigate across the land in order to dominate enemy empires. The game is available for both Apple and Google platforms for $9.99. The Banner Saga

is quite possibly one of the most beautifully-designed strategy games for the mobile today. Along with epic battles, players are treated with sharply-rendered, hand-drawn animations, accompanied by an amazing score from award-winning musician Austin Wintory. In this game, players need to lead a band of farmers, townsfolk, and warriors, as they all flee from the horrific grip of the Dredge. There are over 25 playable characters in the game, each having its own strengths and weaknesses. The Banner Saga is priced at $9.99 and can be played by both iOS and Android users.

10 Tips to Increase Blog Traffic

It's easy to build a blog, but hard to build a successful blog with significant traffic. A blog with no traffic is just like a supermarket without any shoppers. No traffic – no business. So it is vital to take smart steps to boost the traffic of your blog. Let’s look at a few tips to increase blog traffic.

1. Create a complete profile or page 

If your blog can be identified as a business or brand, then create a Google+ Page for it. If not, use your personal Google+ profile to connect with your blog audience. The primary step is to create a comprehensive profile or page that completely describes who you are, what expertise you bring to the table, how to find your blog, what your blog is about, and what makes it special. 

2. Take part in a variety of communities

Advertisers in the current business world have spent millions and billions of dollars looking for, properly researching and finally determining where the various consumers with different tastes and characteristics log in together and how they can be targeted with promotional messages. 

3. Connect with people 

Once you've smartly and proficiently created your account for Google+, you need to begin connecting with other Google+ circle members. You should search for users you know first. Then look through the people they take after to find more interesting people to take after. 

4. Use twitter, Facebook and Google+ to share your posts & find new connections 

Due to the wonderful traffic on social media websites like twitter, google+ and Facebook, it is much easier for you to use these websites to increase the traffic of your blog.

5. Create circles 

Google+ circles can prove to be very useful when you want to promote your blog, or want existing users to invite more readers to your blog.

6. Include graphics, photos and illustrations

If you're someone who can produce design, take photographs, illustrate or even simply create entertaining doodles in Microsoft Paint software, you should leverage that talent on your blog.

7. Distribute interesting content 

Don't simply distribute links to your blog posts over and over. That's boring and will be viewed as excessive self-promotion. Your Google+ stream of updates should be interesting and meaningful to your audience, not spammy. 

8. Conduct keyword research while writing your posts 

Not surprisingly, a huge part of showing up in search engines is targeting the terms and phrases your audience are really typing into a search engine. It's tricky to realize what these words will be unless you do some research, and fortunately, there's a free tool from Google to help called the Adwords Keyword Planner. 

9. Host hangouts 

Google+ joints are video chats between up to 10 Google+ members. You can have a joint and promote it as a small virtual webinar or tutorial session. Think of how you can tie a video chat session with your blog topic and what kind of valuable information you could share in such a session. 

10. Be active 

Update your social media and blogging accounts on a regular basis with brand new contents and blog posts, and make sure that you spend a considerable amount of time liking commenting on other members' updates also. 


The web was not made for static, text-just content! Readers appreciate links, as do other bloggers, site owners and even search engines.


Top 10 alternatives to Dropbox

Dropbox is a standout amongst the most popular cloud storage service suppliers all around the globe. It's Google's item with an extremely solid number of users, giving a ton of options of home users and business arrangements. But, in the same way as whatever other service, Dropbox also has a ton of defects and various users think it’s not what they are looking for. Considering the same circumstance, there are various other cloud computing and file storage service suppliers or simple Dropbox alternatives. You can choose anybody as indicated by your need and requirement. 

The top 10 alternatives

This wonderful alternative provides 5GB of free storage, which is easily expandable for an expense. It has its solid point in the coordination with other Google services, for example, Google Docs. It also gives tools that permit you to work in a group on the same files. Google Drive is available for all operating system platforms. is one of the best Dropbox alternatives, with various potential it has effectively reached to the level of development. Many companies depend on the box, because its secure, takes a shot at any device, and tends to address the needs of small businesses to the Fortune 500 companies. 

We couldn't miss the service of "synchronizing to the cloud", the Redmond software house gives you 7 GB free space, subsequently beating off rivalry. The qualities of the service are better coordination with Windows 8 and with Microsoft Office 2013. You can also alter office files straightforwardly online with the assistance of Office Web Apps. 

Wuala's solid point in their service is safety. Indeed, the files are properly and efficiently encrypted before its passed out to the server, regardless of the possibility that you may still be on your computer. When these are sent for proper server encryption, you will just have entry to them through Wuala. The fundamental bundle offers you storage space of 5GB for no cost at all, which can be increased by buying additional space or welcoming new people to join the service. 

Team Drive has strong points in their calculation of AES-256 encryption. In 2012, they also won the Award in IT Security affirmation of the safety standards. It provides storage space of 2GB and goes up to almost 10 GB with the component of referrals. 

Sugar Sync offers the "regular" 5 GB that you can raise by paying a small charge. The client as of now has a decent level of development having reached version 2.0.

All the force and speed of the Amazon server is at your service. Its speed is the quality of the service and in addition straightforwardness. You have 5 GB free and are upheld by a greatest size of a solitary file of 2 GB. For each one record, you can connect up to eight devices and you can't make the content public.

This program is different from Dropbox and various other cloud storage services because other than the standard client for file synchronization, you can also use Cloud top which is a genuine desktop environment with adaptable applications to suit your needs. It is as though you have a virtual machine, open whenever by means of the Internet, which uses Cloud Me as a hard drive. 

Bit torrent Sync is an extremely lightweight application that permits you to impart a folder between numerous devices connected to a system, be it nearby or public. In which all the devices are "equivalent" and trade information between among them. 

This is the alternative above all else geeks have. As the name proposes with this web application you can make your own cloud home. Practically speaking, it is a genuine content management system.

Top 10 alternative of IDM (Internet Download Manager)

Internet Download Manager otherwise known as IDM is extremely popular Download manager. Why everybody use this software and even pay cash? Because this small bit of software has such a large number of features that none can envision a download manager can have. But you know its paid software. So let’s discuss some of the best free alternatives for IDM which are basically not getting the spotlight they deserve because people surmise that there is no software better than IDM.
The top 10 alternative

JDownloader is a very useful free software for efficiently downloading files from the internet, it has a tremendous rundown of designers who take a shot at JDownloader and make the downloads as quick as they should be. Similar to IDM, you can manipulate the priority of the downloads. You can also plan your downloads and can spare bandwidth if you uses a restricted internet device. It makes the downloads up to 10% speedier and recoveries your valuable time.
This is a wonderful download management software for your PC to improve the download speed on each one download perceptibly. The acceleration is attained to by splitting the file into more parts and download them on the same time step by step in a few minutes. You can also focus on the URL to download things from a webpage.

DAP provides for you the quick acceleration on each one download with complete set of download tools. Investigate all the features of DAP, download the most recent version of DAP by clicking the button underneath and see why more than 293 million users are using DAP as there internet downloads management.
FreeRapid Downloader is available for windows, Linux, MacOS, and so forth. Stop bearing the default lethargic downloading and take a stab at something exceptional. It's basically a downloader based on the Java platform and expects to download a variety of things from various file sharing websites. FreeRapid Downloader gives you a chance to add specific connections to download by simply including the connection in this present software's include URL option.

Orbit Downloader is truly an awesome download manager. It plans to download video/music/files from the most popular social networking destinations. It makes the general downloading considerably less demanding, speedier and safer to all.

Go!Zilla enhances your internet downloading speed on full bore, Go!Zilla download manager and download accelerator software is for Windows.

FlashGet is the best download manager to download the stuff from the internet into your computer speedier, safer and clean from malware, spyware, and so forth. It boosts the downloading speed by up to 6-10 times.

Mipony is totally free software and intended to download files from free hosting webpages. With Mipony download manager, you don't have to stress over managing your downloads after all Mipony deals with your each download.

Download Accelerator Manager empower us to download internet files as well as web media files from such most popular destinations like YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, and so forth at greatest speed. DAM is one of the best download management software to get videos and songs from a webpage. It meets expectations in all significant web programs. DAM is bursting quick, clean and simple to use.

With GetRight Download Manager timetables, continues and accelerates your downloads. You don't have to stress over your web connection on coming up short amidst the download. GetRight has been a leader and a trailblazer among other download manager software.

YouTube : 500 Internal Server Error. What And How to Fix?

Black day for the YouTube, as many people from all over the world encounted "500 Internal Server Error" or if they have access to YouTube its working very slower than it normally experience. 

As per company, they says that they are working quickly to find and fix the issue. 

What is "500 Internal Server Error" ?
It is the Internal Server message comes when the website cannot be display the page.

How to Fix "500 Internal Server Error" ?
As this server problem so there is not to do more but to make sure that the problem is not from your end you can go through the mention steps to fix the problem 
1 Reload the web page - Press F5 or refresh/reload button 
2 Clear Your Browser Cache.
3 Delete your Browser Cookies
If still you find the same come back later. 

How To Temporarily Restore Messages In Facebook For iOS

The Facebook messenger app was deemed as the most hated app in the App store this week. This is because instead of allowing its users to converse within the official Facebook app, the company is now forcing users to further install its separate messaging app for users in order to be able to converse with their friends. It is due to this step that Facebook Inc. is receiving widespread criticisms and negativities. About 92 percent of more than 64,000 active Facebook users have awarded the Messenger app with a puny one-star rating on App Annie over the past months.

But iOS users are in luck as they can use the messages tab in the official Facebook app once again with a simple workout and avoid the need to download the standalone Facebook messenger app.

But the only drawback to this seems to be fact that it does not appear to be a permanent fix to the problem. A user reported that after using the messaging feature of the Facebook app for 24 hours with this fix, it reverted back and prompted “install messenger” once again.  But one can simply apply the workout to remove the prompt again easily.

Simply follow the below mentioned steps to perform the desired workout:

  1. Go to the Messages tab in the official Facebook app. When you do so a new page will prompt you to install the messenger app.
  2. Simply tap on the install button when it does. The messenger page will be launched in the App store, where one can begin the download. Here’s the trick now, as soon as the app begins to download simply delete it. Yes don’t let it download fully. Also don’t let app to be installed.
  3. Now go back to the official Facebook app and tap onto the messages tab, and find it to be working smoothly again. If you are really set against being forced to use a standalone Messenger app by the company, this is a good option to ignore it despite it to be sounding like too much of work.

Here are a few reasons why I users are so setup against the Facebook Messenger app:

  1. It is a sub-par app with not much good reviews about it and no substantial added features to drive one into downloading and installing another app.
  2. Most users already have too many other apps installed in their devices and do not have the storage space to spare for an app whose functionality is nothing more than the previous messaging feature of the official Facebook app.
  3. Another reason for the widespread hatred is due to the fact that Facebook Inc. did not think about asking the user’s opinion or permission before adding this unnecessary feature to their system. Being one of the most extensively used social networking app Facebook has the highest number of active users in the recent times. So asking the users’ opinion before adding this important change into the system is only a fair demand on the users’ part.
  4. Another drawback is the fact that iPhone cannot run these 2 different apps in a single screen which makes it more complicated and annoying to use.
  5. Some people are also complaining about missing the Facebook chatheads from the Facebook home, which was quite fun and very user friendly in the first place. Why would the company change and get rid of them is causing much negativities among its users.

To further support your decision of avoiding to install a separate messenger app, visit Rick Broida's suggestions to skip installing Facebook Messenger in your phone.

How to use Siri as your own personal DJ

It often so happens while cooking or doing some other work that we feel the direst urge to listen to some of our favorite music on our iPhones, but can’t get to play them as our hands might be messy or occupied. But now with Siri we can listen to our favorite artist’s and bands or manuscripts whenever and wherever we want to. Yes, you can now use Siri to be your own personal DJ. Whether at the kitchen or in your shower you will never be separated from your favorite music anymore.

The voice assistant feature offered by Apple has many cool skills, one of which is the ability to act as your DJ and manage your music in your phone. One can simply order Siri to play a specific song or album that is stored in their iPhone or Ipad or simply play a random assortment of music from a specific artist. You can also command Siri to play, pause, skip forward, and go backwards or to stop playing and much more.

So here are a list of ways in which you can use Siri to act as your own personal DJ:

  • You can play a specific song: simply by saying the title of the song to Siri you can jive to your favorite digs at anytime. For instance here is a demonstration of how you can do so, simply activate the voice assistant Siri and command it to “play ‘Hey Jude’” and it will play the popular tune from the Beatles instantly.
  • Playing a specific album: feel like listening to an entire album that is stored in your phone? Siri can also do that for you. Here’s how to: simply activate Siri and order it to “Play’ Abbey Road’” album for you, for example, and viola the entire album will play for you from start to finish. What if the album consists of a really lengthy title? Speaking the entire name can be a bit of a stretch. No problem, you can just say the first few parts of the title instead of saying the entire one. For e.g. instead of having to say “play ‘Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band,'" simply ask it to “play ‘Sgt. Pepper’s’”.
  • Playing all songs of a specific genre: feel like listening to some jazz for the day? Or may be some rhythm and blues?  Leave it to Siri. Simply say “play ‘some jazz music’” or “play ‘some r&b music’” and that’s all to it.
  • Play a specific playlist: if you have made a playlist of all your favorite music, Siri can play it for you too. For instance if you have playlist called “60s rock” which contains all your favorite 60s rock tunes, to play it simply ask Siri to “play “60s rock’” and stay tuned.
  • Shuffle your tunes: feel like listening a select few list of songs from an album but in no particular order? Easy, just ask Siri to shuffle your albums. For example by saying “play born to run shuffle” you can listened to the shuffled tracks of this classic Bruce Springsteen album.
  • To pause and resume playing: in order to prompt Siri to pause or resume playing simply say “pause music” and when wanting to pick it from where you had left it off just say “resume music”.
  • Finding out what’s playing: not only your stored music but you can also find out which song is currently topping the charts without knowing the exact name of the song or the artist. Simply tell Siri to find out “what’s playing” and just sit back and relax to latest tunes.

Top Ten Android Applications That You Must Try At Once

Android is the most used and favorite smartphone operating system due to the availability of variety of options to choose from the smartphone market. The applications in android are used to fulfill your tasks in quick time and in easy way. There are different type of applications available in the play store from which you can download any app and can install it for usage. In this article, I will discuss top ten android applications which you must try at least once.

Must Top Ten Android Applications For Smartphones
There are the following top ten android applications available in the play store which you must have to try at once if you are using android operating system.

1.       WeTransfer
The first android smartphone application in our list is WeTransfer. This application can be used to transfer or send large files through the use of internet. This application will allow you to pause and resume your uploading of files. You can also send number of pictures to your friends group or to someone directly which is in your address book of the phone.

2.      Rove
Rove is originally an iOS application which is now available for the android users too. This application behaves like a private journal which will automatically update your logs with details like how you got there and how many pictures you have taken there.

3.      Blinkist
This application is a perfect choice for any book lover. This is a subscription service through which you can read many non-fiction titles in just 15 minutes. Every month, they added forty new titles in it.

4.      Ooloo
When we need to know anything we Google it, but this app can be used as a replacement to Google which will provide you 24/7 answers to your questions. The important and interesting feature of this app is that your answers will be replied by human staff instead of machines.

5.      Bound It
This application will give you control over your pictures and you can select which images you want your friends and family to see and what not to see.

6.      After Light
If you are a photo lover and want to manipulate your pictures, then you can use this application which is another app which was firstly in iOS but now available in android. You can adjust the brightness, saturation, sharpening and contrast of your images along with different filters.

7.      MIX
Yet another great photo-editing application which can be used by photographers to create their very own styled pictures with unique styles.

8.      Spin Me
This application is best for you if you want to get up in the morning on time. This application will only switch off when you will get out of the bed due to the use of motion-sensor gyroscope.

9.      Swing Copters
This game is the creation of famous author Dong. Dong become popular after the creation of his amazing game Flappy Bird. The main purpose of the game is to navigate the helicopter in the area meanwhile avoiding the hammers.

10.  YoWindow

By the use of this amazing application, you can check the current weather condition in your country or city.