How Opera is different from Chrome and why you should try it

Opera and chrome have shared the same Blink engine since 2013 so they load web pages in exactly the same manner.

If they use the exact same technology should you choose Opera over Chrome? The response is since they're distinct with regard to look and attributes.

Opera has a much more intuitive and classic layout

There are several little differences between Opera and Chrome with regard to interface details. The very first and most noticeable one is the menu's location. While the menu of Chrome is located on the right of the address bar, Opera's menu button can be found in the left where it is a lot more accessible and recognizable.The subjects of Opera are distinct. They use pictures and employ them to the options and configuration displays. They're also less difficult to create than in Chrome. All you do is just correct the alignment, picks a picture in your hard disk, and places the color of the background text. It's just like placing a background in Mac or Windows.

The thumbnails are bigger and the background that is customized is less invisible. The default homepage is, in addition, considerably finer in than Google Chrome.

Opera includes Discover and Stash attributes

Two unique characteristics of the Speed Dial of Opera are the Discover and Stash functions. It is like having the Pocket program incorporated into your browser, with no requirement for any added extensions.The Discover attribute gives you an array of news from various sources, which is perfect should you like to keep updated with news and enjoy fascinating posts. It's all the typical groups (business, wellness, sports, technology) and uses endless scroll, meaning when you get in the end it only keeps loading content.

Opera uses Opera Turbo for faster browsing

This results in a faster and considerably lighter browsing encounter by as much as 80%, and with nominal loss of quality.

Opera has multiple search ideas

Besides Google, Opera features other search engines, and Yahoo!, Amazon, Bing. It's possible for you to save time with this small feature in the event you're somebody who likes to search and compare results.
In our web browser comparison, Opera presented power equivalent to that of Chrome. It makes sense. Yet the thing that is unbelievable is the fact that less memory is consumed by Opera:
For people who need the ability of Chrome without giving to Google

For those who want the power of Chrome without committing to Google

You get the sensation of utilizing an unbiased browser that does not favor any of the important corporations when using Opera. Like Firefox, Opera is a lot in this sense, except that it uses the high performance engine as Chrome, which in our comparison has proved perfect for opening big sites.
But in case you'd like to keep using Chrome technology and extensions of making a Google account, with no duty, Opera is certainly a more interesting choice than Firefox.

Top 5 Android games with touch screen control

As smartphones and tablets become more and more powerful, additional game developer’s area unit taking the time to port their titles over to the platform or area unit building new ones entirely from scratch. Sadly, several of them shoehorn virtual controls into the corners of your screen and hope you don’t understand that they’re not physical buttons.
This simply isn’t ideal. The simplest mobile games have accepted that touch screens aren’t a similar as Gamepads and utilize them otherwise.

Here are 5 Android and iOS games that actually show, however this is often done.

Republique ($2.99)

République may well be a console game. And no, I don’t mean it may realize success as AN indie title, distributed as an inexpensive transfer. It’s the type of expertise that a publisher may slap onto a disk, wrap in a very box, and sell at a high worth with comparatively few changes.
The issue is, this expertise has touch screen written everywhere it. During this concealment game, players guide a lady named Hope around by sound on varied locations for her to cover behind. They watch her from the security of varied security cameras, that they will switch between with, again, straightforward faucets.
This formula permits the developers to form a deep setting while not wrestling with the challenge of giving players full management over what they see.

Leo’s fortune ($ 4.99)

Leo’s Fortune could be a side-scrolling plat former, a genre that's by no means under-represented within the Play Store, however, these forms of games will still be notably frustrating to play with a touch screen. On several plat formers, basic jumps are tough to land, and later levels typically feel downright not possible while not pairing up a Bluetooth controller that you just might or might not have.
This isn’t the case with Leo’s Fortune.
This game’s developers have custom-made the expertise in a very means wherever the shortage of tactile buttons now not appears like a disadvantage. Moving consists of holding down one-place on the screen and slightly moving your thumb left or right.
To jump, players merely swipe abreast of the proper fringe of the screen. Leo floats ever softly as he moves, due to gravity and physics that may feel slow with a gamepad however excellent for a touch screen.

Monument Valley ($ 3.99)

It would be straightforward to populate this list with genres that naturally feel reception on touch screen devices, like tower defence games, puzzles, and point-and-click journey titles. Monument Valley is that the just one I’m together with that falls somewhere on this spectrum.
And there’s an honest reason for this. This game is nothing wanting a piece of art.
During Monument Valley, each stage could be a puzzle. The setting is AN optical phenomenon, and each level tasks you with neutering the landscape to form a path to the exit. You are doing this by swiping on the screen, twisting a bridge around here or raising a platform there. The game play never ramps up to become way more than this, every level introduces new mechanics that keep it slow on this journey feeling contemporary till the terribly finish.
While the expertise is also a brief one, Monument Valley is like an expert crafted title that shows simply what quantity of a distinction nice atmosphere and presentation will build. Nearly each moment of this game is gorgeous enough to print out, frame, and droop on the wall.

Horn ($6.99)

Horn could be a third-person action-adventure game; however, it doesn’t play like those you usually see on consoles. This is often a game controlled entirely by gestures. Players move throughout the planet with sound within the right direction. They polish off monsters by swiping within the correct means at the proper time, instructing the hero to dodge attacks and strike employing a blade or bow.
Yet even with such apparently basic controls, there’s still quite a little bit of plot forming and exploration. Players run, jump, climb, and swing across areas all victimization gestures that simply add up.
Horn’s controls might do the platform justice, however, its presentation takes things a step any. This is often a stunning, charming-voiced, and nicely scored expertise that encourages folks to take a seat back with a pill and immerse themselves in a very means they’re conditioned to solely expect from televisions.
The horn has been around for over some of years, creating it the oldest game on this list. However, within the time since, few have tried to match its level of grandeur. Consecutive title, though, is one that has.

Reaper (Free)

Plenty of role-playing games have created their far more than to Android. Several developers have even created mobile entries from scratch, typically victimization the chance to copy the pixilated look of the 16-bit era. Some are after to travel even additional retro.
But these games all cause AN expertise that, whereas not essentially unhealthy on a mobile device, feels somewhat lacking while not a physical controller. With Reaper, players undergo no such feelings. Kind of like Leo’s Fortune, players move left or right by moving their thumb in both directions, and that they jump by swiping at the sting.
But Reaper takes the game play any. There are dash attacks, serious slashes, and ground thrusts that everyone needs totally different inputs nevertheless aren’t control back by bit controls. If something, the touch screen makes them easier to tug off.
While Reaper could be a side-scrolled, it’s packed with lots of quests and its own world to explore. An oversized varies of customization choices are a unit on the market to the player, leading to AN expertise containing additional depth than at first meets the attention.

So, if you have any other wonderful full touchscreen Android game, then share with us.

Apple's plan for 2015

It may appear a little premature, however you will be shocked at what quantity speculation, there's regarding the iPhone seven already. The iPhone six (and the larger iPhone six Plus) in Sept of 2014, however, in 2015 we're probably to urge following generation iPhone. However can the iPhone seven (or maybe iPhone 6S or just new iPhone) be like? And once will the iPhone seven return out? We have a tendency to collect the proof to bring you everything there's to grasp regarding the iPhone seven thus far.

iPhone seven rumors: can it's iPhone 6S installed?

The first issue we'll address here is that the name of following iPhone. If Apple sticks to its ancient naming conventions, then it's a lot of probabilities that the 2015 iPhone refers to as the iPhone 6S rather than the iPhone seven.
However, it has been rumored for some years currently that Apple is considering dropping the 'S' naming convention, as it's setting out to be perceived negatively. After all, it will create it look like it isn't a very new device, however, rather a stepping stone to following iPhone.
We won't understand till Apple confirms it, of course.
Another option is that the iPhone seven refers to as the iPhone Air.
IPhone seven rumors: once is that the iPhone seven returning out?
Again, if Apple sticks to its traditions, we are able to expect the iPhone seven to arrive on Sept 2015. However, its potential and wide speculated that Apple can select to start cathartic new iPhones doubly a year, to assist it carry on with the ever growing and ever up competition.

iPhone seven rumors: What new options can the iPhone seven have?

We expect that the iPhone seven can have a screen size of a minimum of four. As that is the size Apple selected for the iPhone 6's show. It's unlikely that Apple can return on its call to create an even bigger iPhone, therefore it will persist with four inches or even create it larger. Of course, there's already the iPhone six and with a five inch  screen, therefore it's a lot of probably that Apple can persist with those 2 sizes for a year or 2 nevertheless.
You can additionally expect a camera boost, wireless charging options (they did not arrive with the iPhone six as some had expected, however, was introduced to the Apple Watch as inductive charging), associate A9 processor and iOS nine.

iPhone seven rumors: style

What you mustn't expect, though, may be a style that is totally different from the iPhone six. Apple sometimes keeps an equivalent style for 2 generations of the iPhone, so the new, slimmer, lighter and rounder style of the iPhone six is anticipated to hold over to the iPhone seven, too.
However, if Apple will plan to select a brand new style for the iPhone seven, we have a tendency to really assume it might be thicker than the iPhone six, with what Apple calls "sidewall displays."
Apple has revealed a patent concerning such displays, that hints at a future iPhone with a show that extends onto the edges of the device, providing interactive orbit sensitive parts that provide access to the slide to unlock practicality, music player controls, electronic messaging readout, caller ID, system controls and a lot of.
It's also potentially that Apple can use totally different materials to create the iPhone seven a lot of study. Before the iPhone six and iPhone six and were undraped there was speculation that Apple would use Sapphire glass for the show and Liquidmetal for the chassis. Apple's Sapphire plant in Arizona might be wanting to manufacture two hundred million 5in iPhone displays p.a., in line with reports. Apple has been already mistreatment sapphire within the show of the Apple Watch.
Sapphire glass is a lot of sturdier than great ape Glass, therefore, might be a perfect material to use for the larger show.
Liquid metal is additionally aforementioned to be being employed because it is a lot of sturdier than atomic number 13, and thus may be utilized in smaller quantities to be as sturdy because the metal used for Apple's current iPhones. This could change Apple to stay the larger iPhone lightweight and skinny, despite the larger screen.
Plus, removing the bezels within the larger iPhone to form associate edge-to-edge show would mean Apple may introduce an even bigger show while not the necessity to extend the general size of the iPhone an excessive amount of.
It's also potential that Apple can bring other parts of the technology utilized in the Apple Watch to the iPhone seven. As an example, the Apple Watch's show will observe finger pressure, that the iPhone 7's show (or maybe simply a little of it) might be capable of doing an equivalent.

iPhone seven rumors: New charger

In August 2014, rumors a couple of new iPhone charger emerged, suggesting that the USB a part of the charger might be reversible, similar to the Lightning instrumentality is.
A video showing what is believed to be a brand new charger for a future with a reversible totally reversible USB Lightning cable emerged on the net earlier in 2014. It shows the USB being obstructed in to the adapter each way that, within the same means that the Lightning instrumentality it is reversible.

iPhone seven rumours: Apple patents

Looking nearer at Apple's patent portfolio, we are able to return up with some any iPhone seven options that would somewhat be on the cards for 2015. Face recognition might be won't to unlock the device, and/or the whole show off the iPhone seven might be a Touch ID fingerprint detector, eliminating the necessity for a Home Button and creating area for a bigger show.

Take a glance at Apple patent round-up for a lot of options that Apple is investigation for future merchandise.

Google Finally Released New “Pirate Update” To Fight Piracy

Google is eventually going to refresh that system to capture launch others and new wrongdoers which could have cleaned up their acts.

What's the Pirate Update?

The Pirate Update -- similar to other updates like Penguin or Panda -- functions like a filter. All the websites Google knows about through the Pirate filter are processed by it. Those receive a downgrade in case it finds any deemed to be in violation.Anyone got via this filter is subsequently stuck with a downgrade until the following time it's run, when if they have received no criticisms or fewer, they may get back in Google's good graces. We do not actually understand how that works yet because Google has never rerun the Pirate Update filter.As it hasn't been rerun until now, no new violators have been got by it.

New Assaults on Old System

This really is what I pointed out when a war-of-words erupted between Google and News Corp over online piracy. I noted that was not since the business had been tardy in keeping that system, a great defense:Google hasn't announced a fresh run of its own Pirate filter, thus mentioning this feels strange. This means that for over a couple of years now, Google's not attempted to rerun that system to find new websites displaying such behavior.

New Advertising Formats

Google additionally has simply introduced a fresh advertising display regarding queries where individuals might make an effort to download pictures from pirate websites:Anticipate Google will probably take some flak over an attempt to point folks to originating content, rather than content that is pirated, that entails publishers purchasing advertisements.Google also says it's doing new sidebar shows for musicians and pictures as you see below, for some queries:

The sidebar display
 is really something Google has been examining for months, as we have covered.
For more about the brand new advertising formats, see also our associated narrative Google Testing New Ad Formats Music For Films, In Anti-Piracy Effort.The final change is an upgrade to the Autocomplete feature of Google. Google says when those terms generate search results that contain lots of sites with DMCA requests it'll reveal fewer terms in Autocomplete.

Is your Smartphone or tablet getting the Android 5.0 update

Google declared Android 5.0 Lollipop on October 15. It's the following important upgrade for Android that's designed to start in the coming weeks.
It comes with a brand new Material Layout user interface which can be described as a purified Google Now interface with components falling into each other and on top.

The operating system features buttons and new cartoons, and new tellings too.

You locate additional information regarding Android 5.0 Lollipop on the official Android site.

There's no central registry you can utilize to learn whether your apparatus will soon be updated. Here's a brief listing of phone versions and firms which are updated. Should you know of others that aren't yet on the list let's know in the comment section below and we'll add those and it .


This Google devices will soon be upgraded to Android 5.0.7 nexus 4, 5, 10 and Google Play version devices will get the upgrade in the coming weeks. (source)


Some apparatus upgrades were supported by HTC on Twitter when customers requested about the official channel in it.HTC One (M8 and M7) will be updated, likely other One devices also including One miniature 2 and the One miniature.

Motorola announced in the official business site the following devices will get the Android 5.0 upgrade.

Moto E

Droid Ultra, Droid Mini and Droid Maxx


The firm printed a blog post to the official Sony Mobile site in which it revealed its plans to update several of its own apparatus to Android 5.0. Upgrades are anticipated to start in early 2015 for Xperia Z2 set and Xperia Z3.

Firms who've not released statements

Samsung hasn't published an official statement.
LG hasn't supported upgrades. It's anticipated that the update will be received by the LG G3, and probably that other devices including the G2 line will get it.
ZTE hasn't supplied any advice on whether any of its own telephones will soon be upgraded.

How To Reduce Data Consumption In Your Android Smartphone

In today's world, smartphone are becoming vital part of our lives. They are being used to perform our daily routine tasks like checking emails of the company etc. They are also used to entertain ourselves by watching videos on these smartphones. By the use of large screen smartphones, the web surfing becomes more convenient for the users. The data plans offered by different cellular companies are limited for users to use.

In this article, I will discuss some ways through which you can easily reduce the data consumption in your android device so that you can enjoy stream less and unstoppable 3G and 4G data plan.

·       Find Culprit Apps And Make Them Limited

In android, you can get the benefit of the built-in feature or tool added in the OS for tracking the data usage of your smartphone. You can easily find that tool from Settings menu. In Settings Menu, you will see menu named as Data Usage from which you can have all the stats about your apps usage of data. You can manipulate settings according to your needs. You can restrict any application which you think is un-necessary of irrelevant for data usage. Through this step, you can easily manage the data usage and can restrict the usage up to some extent.
·      Data Compression

The second way to limit the usage of data in your smartphone is to reduce your usage in browser. The most used and favorite browser in android operating system is Google Chrome. There are some settings in Chrome, which you can tweak in order to limit your data usage. In Settings menu of Chrome, you can go to Bandwidth Management area. In this menu, you can turn on Reduce Data Usage option which will be used to compress all the data before downloading it to your device.
If you dislike Google Chrome browser due to any reason and want to use Opera Mini, then you can also avail such restricted data usage option in Opera Mini too. The default functionality of Opera Mini includes the compression of data. It is another best browser which is pretty fast and light weight that can limit your data usage up to some level. Opera Mini can compress your data up to 90 percent. The statistics of the data usage can be accessed by going to Help section in Opera Mini.

·       Media Compression

If you don’t use internet only for browsing and love to download stuff from internet, then in this case you will need any media compression tools. There are two tools which can be used for this purpose which are Opera Max and Onavo Extend. After creating VPN connection in any of these tools, the videos and photos of twitter and Instagram will be compressed.

So, these are some of the best, effective and easy ways to reduce your data usage in smartphone. If you are a browser instead of downloader, then you can use Data Compression tools. If you are a downloader instead of browser, then you can use Media compression tools. If you know any other effective and easy tips for reducing the data consumption in android device, then let us know by commenting below. 

How To Boost Your Product Sales Through Social Media?

The need of internet marketing is increasing rapidly. if you are going to start your business or want to boost up your product sales, then you should adopt social media marketing techniques to fulfil your business goals. The sale for your product will be increased when your product gain fame in front of audience. There are different ways to market your goods. You can choose print media for advertising your item in different newspapers. You can avail the services of digital media e.g Television channels to show your brand in front of general public. These two methods are costly as compared to the third one and the most emerging technique used by top brands for marketing that is social media marketing.

The basic and top advantage of using internet marketing is that its not much costly as compared with other two methods of marketing explained above. After understanding the need of internet marketing. Now the next question arises in mind that how can you promote your brand or product on social media. Well, this process evolves few major areas or fields which should have to be noticed before starting your campaign.
·         Choose The Best Platform For Promoting Your Product

In order to start your campaign, the very first step is to identify and use the best social platform for promoting your business. Your ROI (Return On Investment) will be boosted, when you will choose the right and perfect platform. In hunk for perfect social platform for your business, you have to follow some instruction based steps. These steps will help you to find the best match for your business marketing.
·         Functionality

The very first step is to determine the functionality of the social media platform before choosing it for advertisement. In order to increase your revenue, you should have to choose the platform with easy and useful functionalities for promoting any business brand or product.
·         LinkedIn & You Tube

If you are promoting any business brands, then LinkedIn is the best social media network to choose for marketing of your business brand. Because it is called the hub for marketing as business partners and their employees interact with each other through this network.
But, If your brand is related to video or your brand can be advertise in shape of video instead of text and pictures, then you can choose a platform name as You Tube. It is the most used and viewed video streaming website of the world where people upload and watch videos of their choice. So, choosing this platform for your business will be beneficial.
·         Instagram

This social media platform is used by people to share their captured photos with each other. You can upload your latest brands pictures into this group to get massive response from the general public. Your product images will engage people to buy your items.
·         Audience

The next step is to choose the relevant platform for relevant products. This step will be the most important one as there are so many social networks in the world where people get connected. You have to choose the right platform for your items or products. For example, if you are willing to market business to business, then instead of Facebook LinkedIn will be the more relevant one.

So, there are some of the key elements which you should kept in mind while promoting your brand through internet marketing. 

Remove Icons And Restore Context Menu labels In Firefox 32

  Firefox 32 is out now and you may have already updated that.

The icons decrease the peak of the context menu without changing its functionality. Critics of the shift state it takes more to load because of the fact that an icon row will not fit nicely in there at all on the background and that pictures take more time to load than textual contents.

Firefox is the browser that the can be customized by you. It comes so not as a surprise you may return to the old context menu readily.

There's likewise an alternative to remove one or multiple of the icons or transfer the most to a different place in the menu.

Alternative 1: Remove icons and Restore labels

This really is most likely the favored alternative for a lot of users of the browser. This choice is offered by the Firefox addon Classic Theme Restorer.

Note:-  This Will Only Work If You Are Using Default Theme.

All you must do is install the add on in Firefox and open its settings later.
Once done, Firefox will show a context menu that is textual again with no icons.

Alternative  2: Menu Wizard

In case you would like to eliminate a few of the icons in the menu or transfer them to a different place, then you certainly may use an addon such as Menu Wizard.

To use the addon is installed by it and restart the browser after. Open about:addons and click the options button next to it, after you have done thus.
·         context-back
·         context-forwrad
·         context-reload
·         context-bookmarkpage
·         context-stop
Each item could be taken away independently from the menu. It's instead possible to transfer each icon to a brand-new place in the menu.

Final Words:-

Firefox context menu that is new

As soon as Mozilla makes a change to a core characteristic of the browser, it's sure that an addon programmer will develop a choice to renew the functionality.

Discuss your ideas in the comments below.