Remove Icons And Restore Context Menu labels In Firefox 32

  Firefox 32 is out now and you may have already updated that.

The icons decrease the peak of the context menu without changing its functionality. Critics of the shift state it takes more to load because of the fact that an icon row will not fit nicely in there at all on the background and that pictures take more time to load than textual contents.

Firefox is the browser that the can be customized by you. It comes so not as a surprise you may return to the old context menu readily.

There's likewise an alternative to remove one or multiple of the icons or transfer the most to a different place in the menu.

Alternative 1: Remove icons and Restore labels

This really is most likely the favored alternative for a lot of users of the browser. This choice is offered by the Firefox addon Classic Theme Restorer.

Note:-  This Will Only Work If You Are Using Default Theme.

All you must do is install the add on in Firefox and open its settings later.
Once done, Firefox will show a context menu that is textual again with no icons.

Alternative  2: Menu Wizard

In case you would like to eliminate a few of the icons in the menu or transfer them to a different place, then you certainly may use an addon such as Menu Wizard.

To use the addon is installed by it and restart the browser after. Open about:addons and click the options button next to it, after you have done thus.
·         context-back
·         context-forwrad
·         context-reload
·         context-bookmarkpage
·         context-stop
Each item could be taken away independently from the menu. It's instead possible to transfer each icon to a brand-new place in the menu.

Final Words:-

Firefox context menu that is new

As soon as Mozilla makes a change to a core characteristic of the browser, it's sure that an addon programmer will develop a choice to renew the functionality.

Discuss your ideas in the comments below.

Windows 9: Is Reported Name of Windows 8 Successor

Microsoft has not made any official public statement up until now in reference to the next version of Windows will soon be named.

Everything that is connected to the operating system which didn't perform in addition to the business and what's been clear for some time is that Microsoft needs to get away from Windows 8 expected it would.

Especially desktop computer users have criticized Microsoft for adding an unwanted touch-centric interface as it made them switch between the two interfaces consistently initially on top of what functioned just fine in Windows 7.

Microsoft attempted to remedy a few of the problems with updates and while it did improve the situation, it did not change the reality that only like Windows Vista, Windows 8 would be considered a bad operating system by many computer users.

Windows 9 has been the likelier option from the get go, while Microsoft could select an alternative name for its next operating system, something like Windows XP for instance.

Windows 9 suggests a clear break to Windows 8 without confusing users with an arbitrary name that doesn't. A variant of Windows XP has been an improbable alternative as it'd be difficult to differentiate from the old operating system while it might function as well.

Microsoft China posted a report in the last 24 hours after doing this, that it pulled fast. As is the event on the current Internet, so the report along with the image that got posted along with it and even a fast reaction doesn't prevent leaks were picked up by Chinese website cnBeta.

The Windows 9 name is, a mockup posted earlier this year, highlighted by the image and while it may well be unofficial work, it has been posted by the official Microsoft China account.

The text that accompanied the picture asked "Microsoft's latest OS Windows 9 is coming soon, do you believe the start menu at the left bottom will make a come back?" which mentions Windows 9 as well.

This is the first official and this improves the opportunity of Windows 9 being the final name of the next Microsoft operating system while it may well be that it was posted in error.

Micromax Canvas Nitro Review: Full Review

Who'd have forecast that Micromax would need to play catch up in the purchase price group it ruled only annually past? With the entry of capable and strong apparatus from international manufacturing companies which cost significantly less than Rs. Micromax 15,000, has had to somewhat reconsider its strategy. The recently established Canvas Nitro characteristics striking specifications as well as a price tag that will have been a great Rs. 5,000 higher before this budget warfare occurred.
We reviewed the Micromax Canvas Nitro to discover if it can hold its own against heavyweight brands including Motorola, Asus, Xiaomi as well as the surprise star.

Look and feel

On holding the Micromax Canvas Nitro, with its weight of 146g our immediate reaction, was that it felt heavier in relation to the alternatives in this budget. The back of the Micromax Canvas Nitro seems rather like that of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with its faux stitched-leather finish. The front is largely uninspiring with the 5-inch display taking up most of the real estate. Actually , the phone on the whole seems somewhat tepid and does nothing to catch focus.
This telephone is, in addition, accessible dark blue although we got the white variant for review. The power button sits in the correct border while the left border houses the volume rock. Both physical buttons have almost no journey. A 3.5mm audio jack can be located on the top of the telephone, and the Micro-USB port for data transfer and charging is on the underside. Over the display are the telling LED, a front-facing camera and an earpiece. Micromax has made a decision to go with backlit buttons that were capacitive, but they aren't illuminated equally. The back cover might be taken away readily and under it one can locate a slot for a microSD card, two slots for Micro SIM cards, as well as the battery.

Specifications and software

Micromax has fitted the Canvas Nitro with all the octa-core Mediatek MT6592 central processing unit that's clocked at 1.7GHz and has an incorporated Mali-450 GPU. The Canvas Nitro additionally features 2GB of RAM. Out of the 8GB of internal storage space, just 5.68GB is accessible for users but you can enlarge this by up to 32GB using a microSD card.
Two Micro SIM cards are accepted by the telephone and users connect to the 850/ 900/ 1800/ 1900/ 2100 network bands. In addition, it can connect to other Bluetooth and WiFi networks -enabled devices. A 2500mAh battery supplies the juice for the apparatus. The 5-inch 720p screen is very good for the large part with good viewing angles and vivid colours, when seen under direct sun, but things go down. The display is quite reflective and we had a difficult time attempting to use this telephone due to this.
Micromax has tweaked the software to add several added attributes that have been largely borrowed from HTC's Sense UI and Samsung's Touchwiz. Micromax for starters, adds a QuickLook page to the left of the primary homescreen. QuickLook is nothing but Micromax's effort to emulate the BlinkFeed of HTC. The settings where a person can select which subjects the web feed screens are shown by yet another swipe from the QuickLook page. You may also add Twitter and Facebook reports in order they can represent in the feed. Nevertheless, there's no method to add feeds from special sites. Also, there's a strange blue tint to the backdrop of text when any post is opened, which makes it somewhat hard to read.
The lockscreen has a straightforward swipe-up gesture, and notifications that are accessible are shown on a reddish band. A number of the other applications tweaks include the capacity to stop video playback when the user looks away, which is an immediate raise of Samsung's 'Smart Pause' attribute. It works the majority of the time, if ambient lighting is great enough. There are a number of tweaks to the camera software.
There are a ton of third party programs and they're mainly bloatware - programs that are simply useless. The Clean Master program has a widget to the house display and it's very intrusive unless its settings change. In addition, there are programs like M! Games and M! Live which only jump to Web pages. What is worse is that none of these programs can not be install. Swiftkey is the computer keyboard by default option that's very good. Micromax also bundles the Truecaller program that is somewhat annoying. There are a lot of games, all which are trial versions.


The 13-megapixel camera on the Micromax Canvas Nitro is an ideal example of the megapixel count does not matter. Detector and the lens of the cellphone certainly do not do it any justice. As a result when seen at real size, it's quite clear that got pictures lack a great deal of details. You can observe a blue tint to pictures, if seen carefully. In low light, the camera did not get any detail. The sole upside is the fact that the camera can focus and shoot pictures extremely quickly.
Recorded video is recorded in .3gpp format for some reason as well as the quality is very poor. The camera could not remain focused on any subject, and video was only quite dim. Astonishingly, the set- focus -megapixel front camera can get pictures that are adequate but it is as bad as the one on the Sony Xperia C3 Dual. Micromax has added one of the house displays, which right lets a user get a number of the camera's many modes and a camera widget. The selfie mode is self explanatory. Frontback way reveals them in schisms creen and takes pictures with both cameras. We believe that Micromax could have stuck to the tried and don't know the novelty of the mode -and-examined picture in picture format used by other smartphone businesses. That is a Secure way in which a reading like a heart rate monitor goes in addition to the display when the apparatus is secure enough for shooting to reveal you. The camera program by itself supplies plenty of great choices like saying the word 'cheese' to get an image (which did not work most of the time). Additionally, there are a couple of manual controls too. But concealing frequently-used modes like HDR in the settings menu is quite annoying.


We did not confront any hiccups while using the Micromax Canvas Nitro every day. It functions fairly nicely and has simple transitions. It's an excellent smartphone encounter. We even attempted high end games like Dead Trigger 2 and Asphalt 8, and we did not confront any slowdown whatsoever.
The standard amounts are second only to the somewhat more pricey Xiaomi Mi 3 in this budget. In AnTuTu and Quadrant standards the cellphone was able to score 28,302 and 13,444 respectively, which are more than good amounts. The phone also hit 13.4fps and scored 6,453 in our GFXbench and 3D Mark Ice Storm images evaluations. The Canvas Nitro played all the greatly encoded videos we threw at it with no hassles. The loudspeaker is overly soft and also it distorts at high volumes. The function will be served by the bundled earphones for most of us, which is a great thing. The call quality is very nice as well as the sound on both ends of the call was crystal clear.
We were totally floored in the Canvas Nitro's battery operation. It managed to play with video in a loop for 9 minutes and 16 hours before it expired on us. This really is special battery life and this one operation stat is sufficient to sway plenty of buyers in the phone's favour.


The Micromax Canvas Nitro does lots of things one would anticipate from a smartphone and does the nicely for the large part (other than for the camera). It's priced at Rs. 12,900, which is an excellent deal. Sadly for Micromax, the marketplace is full of a slew of choices in this variety as well as the updated Moto G is tremendous rivalry for the cellphone. The influence that Canvas Nitro has over most of the other mobiles such as the Asus Zenphone 5, Xiaomi Mi 3 (out of stock for now) and the Moto G (Gen 2) is it will soon be obtainable in retail stations as well apart from any one online store. We'd advise this phone to anybody who wants special battery life, provided that they are willing to take the bad camera as a tradeoff.

5 ways to save battery in iOS 8

It is well known that surrendering yourself leaves you vulnerable to battery deficit problems that are long-term. I believed I'd take you through some top tips to save battery, although this may enhance and will be a nonissue when iOS 8 is released to the general public in September. But do not turn away in the event you're not running the Beta, because of better optimization in public launches, the may truly reap greater benefits, and as these tricks can be applied to any variation of iOS! Check the out below! Most of them are suggestions that are common sense, however you will find a few you may not have considered.

Reduce Motion

Sure, the Parallax effect certainly seems cool when your iPhone tip, but does it seem as trendy as the white ring of departure as your iPhone powers down out of the blue? Head into Settings > Availability > Reduce Movement to turn of the Parallax effect. You will also find compared for their standard cartoon, which really makes opening programs faster that programs now disappear into view.


Apple's Retina display certainly seems amazing at full brightness, but this can be among the simplest methods to reach them in case you would like to have more hours of use. Moreover, this selection does not need to destroy your viewing experience. Lowering the brightness of your display to 50% does not have enormous influence on the display, although it'll conserve battery. You have likely discovered that most of the brightness drop off comes when you lower the brightness therefore the halfway mark makes to get an adequate compromise.

Background App Refresh

This characteristic was a great add-on for many is an essential attribute, as well as to iOS 7. However, default applies to all of your programs Background refreshing. Odds are, you will not want the attribute serving all the programs it presently does. Head to Settings > General > Background Program Refresh and contemplate some programs that you can actually afford to switch off.

Push Email/Tellings

Push Email is not nasty, but I reckon some folks may be able to live without it! Head in the Settings Program to Email, and set your e-mail to test for new mail every 15 minutes, 30, minutes as well as one hour. Remember a 15 minute period could possibly cause your telephone to test for email more frequently than it could have done thus beneath the drive setting. Carefully consider your e-mail action, and make a choice so. You might even see the guide refresh setting may be the best choice for you personally! Disabling some which you do not want will definitely help, although this also can be placed on program tellings, you do not have to disable them all!

Do not stop programs that are multitasking

Contrary to popular belief, closing your apps all is not always the easiest way to conserve battery. On some occasions, closing and reopening a program whenever you need more electricity can be consumed by it than leaving it to run in the background. This point my need some experimentation on your own part, but you need to bear in mind that often shutting all of your programs to save battery could be doing you more damage than good.
These are a few of the most effective ways to save lots of battery running iOS 8. Naturally, airplane mode, mobile service isn't needed, or truly unavailable when, is just another good method to save battery. Have you got some battery-saving methods? Discuss them with me below, or in the opinions

Bella Vista: A Developer Friendly Windows Configuration Tool

At any time you begin a Windows PC for the very first time as a programmer, you may have to make configuration changes that are certain to correct specific settings of the system for development functions.
Perhaps you must enable debugging configure crash dumps, options, or specific environment variables.
First action you'll become aware of after download is the fact that the application doesn't have to be installed. It's possible for you to run the 32-bit or 64-bit variant right after you've pulled the archive file in your system.

Here's a fast summary of what each tab offers with regard to configuration choices.

BCD  Configuration

Empower debugging choices for each Windows configuration. Accessible are distinct debugging options including local network or serial interface. Here you establish settings as default option, and empower other boot associated choices like configuring boot status and menu policies can also duplicate settings, empower evaluation-signing, or disable the startup retrieval sequence.

Crash Dump

One intriguing choice on this site would be to click on a preset to configure settings using a single click.


The page shows three configuration choices you can enable or disable:


The tab shows all existing environment information in a simple manner. Value and each variant is shown in the tab's own row that's way much better in relation to the default Windows manner of showing these information.

The page lets you add, edit and delete variants.

Debug Print Filter

Last but not least, it's likely to place debug print filters on the final tablature.

Final Words:-

BellaVista can be an application that is helpful as it helps programmers in making changes in a user-friendly interface to the Windows configuration. In case these changes must be made, it's without doubt quicker than to make developers manually to use this application.

The application lacks an alternative though which might be rather helpful to
implement all of the changes on another system by loading it to save the entire configuration.

It's still essential to make these changes manually since this really isn't an alternative.

Transform Windows XP In A Virtual Machine With VirtualXP

Microsoft abandoned Windows XP some months past and while some users moved on to other operating systems, windows XP are still running.

The primary problem here is that Microsoft won't release official security patches for the operating system which leaves it vulnerable to exploits found after ending of support.

Those are not designed for XP but for POS systems which are supported by Microsoft until 2019, although there's a way to get security updates still.

Why are systems not updated?

On the company side of things, it is probable that programs are the core reason why systems are not changed. There may be other motives, like an unwillingness to invest in a decision making process that takes way to long or new hardware.

End users on the other hand may not want to move away from a trusted system.


It operates by converting the operating system to a Microsoft virtual disk which you can run on all client and server versions of Windows starting with Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008.

The core notion behind this is actually the following:

This reduces the impact that vulnerabilities can have thanks to that. Companies who require programs to run can do so this way.

Note: The application does not resolve dilemmas for users who do not want to update to a new version of Windows. Thus, it is mainly useful in situations where backwards compatibility is required.

Here is the way that it functions:

Download VirtualXP from the Farstone website.
Click the get a free permit for Home use button to get a permit.
Follow the directions in the screen.
The program can convert all partitions of the system or only select ones based on your requirements.

The free version of the software has another limit. It cannot convert Windows 2003 Server systems as it is allowed for the conventional variant that's available for $29.95.

How to Manage Your All Hardware Controls from A Single Dashboard For Windows Users

Since Windows Vista, Microsoft has included the Windows Mobility Center that allows you to easily manage your hardware devices like WiFi, Bluetooth, etc.., from a single dash. Though this attribute is disabled in desktop computers, it's mainly seen in laptops and tablet computers and is a tremendous time-saver as you do not have to open different windows to get different hardware settings. In this tutorial, we'll reveal you a quick summary of Windows Mobility Center and the way you can activate it on a desktop computer.

Get Windows Mobility Center

Like every other Windows settings, you can either get Windows Mobility Center from your "Control Panel" or you'll be able to open the power user menu by pressing "Win X" and choosing "Mobility Center" from the listing of choices.

Moreover, most laptop manufacturers like Dell, HP, etc.., supply a hardware button which can be used to fast get Windows Mobility Center with just one key press.
Windows Mobility Centre Features

Besides producer- customized options, Mobility centre has six major functions, depending in the hardware installed on your own PC. Let's get a fast overview of these default attributes.

Brightness: The Brightness tile in the Mobility centre is an easy approach without stumbling through the Windows control panel to adjust your screen brightness. Simply slide the slider to adjust the screen brightness according to your requirements and you're good to go.

Volume: A quick solution to control volume output signal is provided by the Volume control slider.

Battery Status: The Battery status tile shows you the remaining battery power, and also you can also quickly change between different electricity plans for example Balanced, Power Saver and High Performance using the easy drop-down menu.

Outside Screen: You can also toggle between displays.

Sync Center: Subsequently Sync Center is very useful to sync information between devices, in the event that you have other Microsoft apparatus like a Windows cellphone.

Demonstration Settings: This tile is extremely useful when you are up to presentations. Your PC will likely be ready for demonstrations by automatically disabling screensavers, removing altering standby/sleep settings, backgrounds, etc. should you enable this option

Enable Windows Mobility Center in Desktops

You need to edit your Windows registry settings to enable Windows Mobility Center in desktop PCs.

Here navigate to the following key:

If you do not locate the keys "MobilePC" and "MobilityCenter," then create those two additional keys by right-clicking and selecting the option "key".

This is what it should look like, once you're done with the changes.

You can now access Windows Mobility Center by typing mblctr into the run command (Win R).

That's all there is to do and it's that simple to add Windows Mobility Center to desktop PCs.

Final Words:-

Windows Mobility Center is one of the very most underrated features of Windows, but it does supply an incredibly simple way to customize hardware settings that are different from one dash. Do try it if you haven't done so yet, and you will not be disappointed.

Google Released Software Removal Tool For Windows

If you think that your Chrome browser is behaving strangely on your commands or usage, then it is recommended to download and run the new released software removal tool by Google. You can download this tool from the web. This software removal tool will scan your system for suspicious programs in chrome and will give you facility to remove them easily.

There are so many users in the internet, which are affected by these kinds of tools or third party software programs which affect their system badly. These types of software programs manipulate your browsing history and add-ons. They potentially integrate or download tools for browsers.

So, we can further sub-divide the modifications into two types. There are two types of modifications which can be done by virus infected programs to your browser. One is the alteration in the browser settings like changing the homepage and the search provider. The second one can be the addition of toolbars and add-ons in your browser.

There are different browsers which are supportive to a default feature called reset feature. But, in order to get rid of all type of virus and malware affected components from the browser, only reset is not essential. Google has recently released a tool named as Software Removal Tool For Windows to get rid of modifications mentioned above.

The software is in beta version, so it is highly recommended to perform two tasks before using this tool. First recommendation is to backup your browser, so that in any case you lost your history and bookmarks, then you can get your browser back in old situation through this backup. Second recommendation is to create a system restore point before starting the usage of this software removal tool released by Google.

Now, let’s discuss the method to use this program named as Software Removal Tool. First of all, you have to download the program from the official web address. After downloading, pay attention to the recommendations mentioned above and run the program. The program will not take time to install on your system as it runs right away when your downloading of the program completes.

After running of the program, you will be notified through a pop-up dialogue box that whether you are infected by any suspicious programs or not. If there are any virus effected programs, then click on the button named as Remove Suspicious Programs to remove them.

After running Software removal tool for windows released by Google, on first startup of Google Chrome you will see a dialog to reset your chrome. This process will reset your homepage, bookmarks and other third-party add-ons.

If you are tired of fixing your issues in Google Chrome browser, then this program is the best solution for you. This will try to fix your issue and will resolve your problems up to some extent. It will be only useful for beginner users or intermediate users, because professional users know how to remove such kind of programs. They also know better to block themselves from getting themselves in first place.