How to Export Skype Contacts

6:55 AM By Sameer Choubey

Skype stores all your contacts within its essential servers as a method of easing cooperation and communication with your company colleagues. You may nonetheless need to export them to your pc for back-up functions, although you don't have to back up your contacts for safekeeping. This offers an optional means of importing them in the occasion that you reinstall the program or transferring them to a different office workstation. You have to follow few steps in order to do this. Here are the steps which you must follow.

Step 1

Launch Skype and sign in to your existing account.

Step 2

Click the "Contacts" menu, then highlight "Improved."

Step 3

Choose the "Back-Up Contacts to File" option.

Step 4

Choose where you wish to export your contacts list, including the main background or your primary Documents folder.
Step 5

Schedule posts to Facebook and Twitter with Postfity

Should you lead a hectic life on the internet or handle Twitter profile or a Facebook page at which you'd like help scheduling posts, Postfity is a slick, simple- to-use, and free Web service which will be able to enable you to keep on the very top of your social networking comings and goings.

Postfity's complimentary variant lets you add five accounts up and you'll be able to schedule up to 10 posts a day. There are three paid plans pending posts, among other added attributes and that up the variety of accounts.

The complimentary service will suffice for your goals, I had imagine, unless you call yourself a social media professional, and handle brands or star profiles.

To begin, you may have to enable your Facebook account to be accessed by Postfity. It assures not to post to your page, save for the posts you program. After connecting to your Facebook account, after that you can add any Twitter accounts, and any Facebook pages you handle.

Head to the Add Content tab and select which accounts youwant to send a post to by clicking in the profile photos of your planned goals to schedule it. Subsequently in the box underneath, write your post. It's possible for you to add links to your posts, and a button is below the box that allows you to add pictures. A counter keeps track of your remaining characters for those who own a Twitter account activated for a post you're writing. When your post is set, click the Program button. By default, posts are scheduled 30 minutes in the future however, you can choose the exact date and time.

Tweets and your scheduled Facebook posts are recorded in the base of the webpage, and you'll be able to edit, reschedule, and cancel some of the 10 recorded. In this part, you can see content posted in before, the posts that went reside or are scheduled to post and those.

It is also possible to republish and "multiply" scheduled posts. The multiply attribute allows you to schedule a post if there's an occasion or competition you aim to encourage to hit for several days in a row. You choose the amount of the amount of days between each post and also times for it.

In the Archive tab, you can see the status upgrades and tweets that Postfity posted for you (like you are able to at the base of the Add Content page), in addition to the amount of opinions, enjoys, and shares for every Facebook post, as well as the amount of retweets and favorites for every tweet.

Besides scheduling posts, you can click on the arrow along the correct border of the Program button to get two other choices: "Post now" and "Add to queue." The former posts your content instantly, while the latter adds your post in addition to the posts you scheduled yourself to your queue saves you the measure of deciding time and the date. Try as I might, I couldn't pick out a pattern to the times Postfity chosen for the Add to queue choice.

Regrettably, you can post just to your own Facebook page with Postfity and buddies, which means you can not use the service to line up your birthday can't be tagged by you.

Find out if your Gmail password was stolen

Hunting for your own e-mail and downloading the email address may be the most suitable choice you have to learn if your password has been changed. It is also possible to use third party services such as Is Leaked online in the event you do not need to download the packed 36 Megabyte file to find out.

Here you must put in your Google email address to assess it against the database of the service. You will be notified by the service in case the e-mail you've entered has been leaked or not. The situation will show the initial two characters of the password which account owners can use to check the claim to affirm that it is desperate.

Alter your password

Alter your Gmail password instantly, in case your e-mail is really on the list. This ought to come before any other measures you can undertake and is the most significant measure.
1. Open the security page in the Google site.
2. Click on change password.
3. Enter your present password as well as the new password.
This blocks anyone from getting your account together with the old password. You might additionally wish to sign outside of all existing Gmail sessions. You locate info about the best way to do that below.
Check your account wasn't obtained
You might need to understand in case your email address and user information are on that list, whether your account was obtained. The best method to do so is to go to the official Gmail site, sign in to your account in the event you never have done so already, and click on the "details" link in the very bottom of the primary display.

This lists all recent actions and time. For every action, the access type, e.g. web browser or cellular, place and IP address are recorded which may give you added tips.
Here you could also click on "sign out all other sessions" to block any other session which could be getting your data then.
You might also need to assess your Google account action too. As it's likely to make use of other Google services to be accessed by a Gmail account, you might need to ensure that this didn't occur too.

Start using two-factor authentication

It's possible for you to enhance the complete security of your account by empowering two-factor authentication. While you need to put in a cellular telephone number to your account for that the security enhances by adding another tier of protection to the signal in procedure.
Attackers cannot use password and email address alone as they do want access to the cellular telephone number also to look over the code that's created during the sign in procedure.

How to enable or disable Chrome extensions quickly and natively

Some extensions you've installed in Google Chrome might not have to run on a regular basis. Believe of an extension that operates just on just one site or one which you merely use for certain jobs like research or development.

While some extensions use while idle memory optimization methods to make use of little or no memory, others make use of exactly the same number on a regular basis.
This might not be an issue in case your system has a lot of memory, but in the event you're utilizing Chrome on a low end or midrange system, it can be an issue as these extensions, even if not in use, may use memory which could be of use elsewhere.
It's possible for you to have a look at a thorough investigation of the problem here.
In this guide, I mentioned extensions you can use to instantly change of individual extensions or a group of. As some extensions may not be needed by you on a regular basis, you may use the process to immediately turn them off to lessen the memory use of the browser.
Update: It seems that activation has another significance than disabling or enabling the extension. While you may find an extension will operate or will not function if you hit the it will not be disabled or enabled in the browser as an extension.
What I didn't mention back then was that the Chrome browser boats with a built in choice to enable or disable individual extensions using keyboard shortcuts.

Here is how that works:
Open Chrome's Extensions page in the browser either by loading chrome://extensions/ right in the address bar or by clicking on the Burger menu button and choosing More Tools > Extensions from the context menu that opens up.

Here you find whether they're empowered or not and recorded all installed extensions.

Situate keyboard shortcuts at the base of that page.

An overlay menu appears you may utilize to establish shortcuts for extensions separately when you click the link.

To do so click on the "not set" field and press a shortcut combination in your keyboard, e.g. Ctrl+Shift+m

Reach acceptable when you're done.

The shortcut could be utilized to toggle the condition of the expansion. It's going to disable the extension and vice poetry, if it's enabled.

As I've mentioned before, this functions just for individual extensions. A shortcut becomes practicable with each extension while you are able to place it for all extensions you've installed in Chrome.

If you need to toggle the state of one or two just, or do have installed one or two, then this could be the very best option as you do not have to install another extension to handle the activation state of extensions in the browser.

You'll notice that it might take some time after you hit the shortcut you've set before the state is toggled.

Find out how many cookies Internet sites save to your system

A cookie is a small snippet of data that sites can save to systems of users. The default way of managing cookies will be to allow web browsers to be saved, while they ship with options to block cookies by default or prompt users for action.

Cookies are necessarily good as they could be utilized for a variety of legitimate functions such as saving the logged in state of a user or site settings without account.

Cookies do have a bad reputation though which comes from the fact that they're used for tracking functions. Generally speaking, you have to distinguish between first and third party cookies.
The host name you are on saves first party cookies.
Third party cookies on the other hand are saved by external domain names, say a Facebook or Google ads cookie. This only occurs if the website has embedded third party scripts on the other hand most of the time.

So, should you see Google Analytics or Google Advertisements used on a site, chance is high that Google third party cookies are saved to your system.

Since services that drop cookies on systems can process those cookies websites that embed their scripts are accessed, it's possible to utilize them for monitoring function.
Find out how many cookies are saved in your personal computer right now the first thing you might need to check is how many cookies are saved on your own system at this time. Notice that cookies are browser and profile reliant. If you use multiple browsers or profiles that are distinct, then you will notice that cookies are separate of each other in this event.

Firefox native

1. Tap in the Alt-key in your keyboard and select Tools ">> Options.
2. Change to Seclusion and choose Show Cookies.
3. The cookies window displays the cookies and also sites they have saved to your system.

Google Chrome (native)
1. Load chrome://settings/cookies in the browser's address bar.
1. Press the Alt key and select Tools ">> Internet Options.
2. Select the General tab if it isn't active and click in the Settings button.
3. Here you need to click on See files.

Third-party applications

1. IE Cookies View exhibits all Internet Explorer cookies saved to the system (Windows-only).
2. Mozilla Cookies View does the same for Mozilla-based browsers (Windows-only).
3. Chrome Cookies View does the same for Chrome-based browsers (Windows-only).
Learn which cookies a website saves to your system
the easiest way to learn how many cookies a website saves to your system is to use the Developer Tools that are included in your browser of choice.

1. Hit F12 to open the Developer Tools of the browser.
2. Switch to the storage tab here and load websites as usual in the browser.
3. Once you do, all cookies that a website saves are exhibited here among other information.

Google Chrome
1. Reach F12 to open the Developer Tools window in Chrome.
2. Change to cookies to there and resources.
3. Here you locate all cookies recorded by the site in the active tab.

Internet Explorer

1. Switch to Network ">> Details, and there to cookies.
2. All cookies saved by the website in the active tab are listed here.
What you can do with those information
Since you understand how many and which cookies websites save to your system, you might want to do something about it. Among the easiest choices would be to disable third-party cookies entirely in the browser.


Chrome: Load chrome://settings/ in the browser, click on show settings, then on Content Settings. There you check "block third-party cookies and website data".
Internet Explorer: Tap on the Alt key and select Tools ">> Internet Options. Switch to Seclusion and click on Advanced there. Check "Override automatic cookie handling" and switch third-party cookies to block.


You may also switch the settings to prompt instead. This will displays a prompt every time a website needs to save a cookie to your system.
An alternative to that are browser extensions that may provide you with a variety of outstanding attributes. Here is a small selection of tools:
Cookie Control for Firefox enhances cookie direction in the browser.
Self-Destructing Cookies for Firefox removes cookies automatically when you leave a site.
Cookies are deleted by tab Cookies for Chrome once you close a tab.
Do you know any....Comment Below

Nokia Lumia 530 Dual SIM Review: The Most Affordable Windows Phone

Before the widely commended Moto E, the reasonably capable Asus Zenfone 4 or the brand new bunch favourite Xiaomi Redmi 1S took the budget smartphone market by storm in India, there was one phone - the Nokia Lumia 520. This cellphone was a surprise hit for Nokia and Microsoft, and it introduced first-time users to a smartphone encounter that is polished without needing to dig deep in their pockets.
The Nokia Lumia 520 and its own successor, the Nokia Lumia 525, have both received the Windows Phone 8.1 upgrade via the Lumia Cyan upgrade, but Microsoft has also declared the Nokia Lumia 530 Dual SIM, which comes with the upgrade preloaded. Nevertheless, taking a peek at the specifications of the Lumia 530 Dual SIM on paper, it does not really look like an upgrade to the Lumia 520. The asking price is a lot lower this time around, which places it in a market section that is lower.
It's really no secret the Nokia Lumia 530 Dual SIM has a difficult fight on its hands to emerge triumphant as well as the conflict for the title of best low cost smartphone is extremely hot in the minute.

Look and feel

One thing that Nokia constantly looked to get correct with nearly every single new start was layout. Despite being chunky at 11.7mm, the subtly curved edges of the Lumia 530 Dual SIM make it feel ergonomic. The telephone is made entirely using plastic but it does not feel cheap. The matte white form that we received was incredibly slick and hard to hold, but it is not large enough that using it with one hand isn't going to be an issue in any way.
The four-inch display is surrounded by moderate-sized edges. Nokia/Microsoft chose to go with onscreen buttons instead of capacitive buttons below the monitor. Sadly, that takes up precious property, which is lacking. Over the display is an earpiece. The right border has a volume rock as well as a power button. A Micro USB interface lies in the underside while a 3.5mm audio jack stays on top. The back has a ring-shaped speaker grill as well as the primary camera. It is not difficult to pry away the back cover by drawing a corner. Once opened, you will note that the battery that is pretty stocky covers the memory card slot as well as the two SIM card slots.

Specifications and software

Under the hood of the Nokia Lumia 530 Dual SIM is the same central processing unit - a Qualcomm Snapdragon 200. This dual-core processor is clocked at 1.2GHz and has an incorporated Adreno 302 GPU. Disappointingly, there's just 512MB of RAM. We'll see if this changes the operation later in the review. The telephone has 4GB of storage space, of which just around a gigabyte is accessible for users. It's a relief afterward the telephone also takes microSD cards of up to 64GB.
There's a 5-megapixel fixed-focus back camera but no flash. Both SIM cards can connect to 3G networks. WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0 are the other connectivity standards. A 1430mAh battery supplies the juice for the cellphone to work.

The four-inch LCD panel in the telephone is a step down from the IPS LCD panel on the Nokia Lumia 520. It's a resolution of 480x854, and it is most likely the best quality screen we have ever seen on a Nokia smartphone. The viewing angles are awful, together with the display washing out with the smallest of hand motions. Sun legibility is not very good at the highest brightness setting. There's extremely clear display when scrolling through the programs pane snapping. We're disappointed that Microsoft needed to cut corners in this way.

Windows Phone 8.1 has lots of new useful upgrades and it's catching up to a feature rich platform like Android. Yet, in our overview of the Lumia 630 we noted that Windows Phone 8.1 still has lots of catching up to do. Our view has not changed since. One still has to order the Live Tiles attentively for the transparent background option to look great; onscreen buttons are observable when playing videos only like we mentioned earlier; the enactment of the Back button as a multitasking shortcut continues to be perplexing; as well as the Market is missing many useful programs and enjoyable games.
We adored the added programs like WiFi Sense, Data Sense, Battery Saver and Storage Sense as they do just what their names imply. While Nokia's trademark apps MixRadio and Nokia Camera are present, Here Drive and Here Maps are missing. Snapdeal and Bookmyshow are the two third party programs which are preinstalled in the apparatus.


It is been a very long time since we last saw Nokia choosing for a fixed-focus camera on any smartphone. The 5-megapixel back camera captures colours and great details in day provided it could figure out how to lock in concentrate to the area. In the flip side, you will need to forget about capturing subjects which are really close to you personally.
Pictures captured in low light states are serviceable. The camera on the Lumia 530 Dual SIM can get just 480p videos, which is an important measure down from the 1080p and 720p choices accessible on other mobiles. The standard of recorded video isn't overly amazing. The camera program has a lot of manual alternatives accessible for users who would like to tweak settings, but we do not understand why anyone would bother doing so with a set-focus camera. To be honest to the Lumia 530 Dual SIM the Moto E has a fixed focus camera, as well as the latter 's is not a lot better compared to the former 's.


In day-to-day use, we found the cellphone stuttered a bit while opening programs but it was not overly clear. This may be due to the comparatively low 512MB of RAM. Otherwise, the majority of our experiences during day-to-day use were not bad.
AnTuTu returned a score of 11,485 and WPbench reached 241.09, which is fine. We played with a few high definition videos which worked good, but FHD ones refused to play. The earphones bundled with the apparatus aren't of the type that is in ear, however they serve the function nicely. The loudspeaker gets really loud. Accurate to the standing of Nokia, call quality is extraordinary. In our battery test the cellphone managed to continue us 7 hours and 22 minutes before it expired. This really isn't bad at all and we found that it continued us half and a day in real world states.


At the instant the Lumia 530 Dual SIM is accessible for around Rs. 6,500 at many e commerce outlets. The cost is low for a cellphone that can offer an adequate smartphone encounter, but regrettably the Xiaomi Redmi 1S, the Moto E and the Asus Zenfone 4 provide better smartphone experiences at the exact same cost.
Purchase this phone only in the event you would like a truly low-cost apparatus running Windows Phone 8.1. The Lumia 520 and also the Lumia 630 have found cost falls and are additionally accessible for significantly less than Rs. 10,000. Those two older devices are better choices in the event that you do not mind spending just a little bit more.

Xiaomi Redmi 1S vs Motorola Moto E – Comparison

It's rightly stated the smartphone becomes the lifeline of human being this apparatus is in range of every budget guy. The nation like India is the principal location at which you are going to fine people who have moderate and this characteristic of India and low budget becomes the motive of the enormous success of Global smartphone Businesses. In last few year lots of cellular manufacturers round the glob has done a great company in India and the smartphone firms like Motorola, Xiaomi are playing the crucial success function in India Micromax with home ground cellular telephone maker. So take a look on this particular comparison of Motorola Moto E. and Xiaomi Redmi 1S

Online Availability

The Moto e on the well-known online store Flipkart for Rs. 6999, Moto E's meaning buyer can purchase it.

Screen and Layout

There's not too much difference between the screen size of both smartphone, Redmi 1s packaged with a 4.7 inch high definition screen and Moto E with a 4,3 inch qhd screen. If we discuss the resolution and pixel density than Redmi 1s has pixel density and better resolution than Redmi 1s. But the Moto E screen quality is lasting and crispy. Corning Gorilla Glass protection protects both smartphones display to save the display from damage and scratches.

OS and Central Processing Unit

Here Redmi 1s is additionally supply functionality that is better than Moto E. The excellent browsing experience, better graphics operation is offered by the Redmi 1S.
Xiaomi Redmi 1S runs in the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean OS while the Moto E packaged with the more complex Android 4.4 KitKat OS. In The Moto E users will able to have more Android programs via google play shop.

Camera Storage

the Redmi 1s can record FHD 1080p video. In the other hand the Moto E only have a 5 Mp primary camera, there's no camera that is front exist in Moto E.
Xiaomi Redmi 1S comes with 8 GB of internal memory that is expandable upto 32 Gb via Moto E and Micro SD card has a 4 GB inbuilt storage with same memory that is expandable.

Battery and Connectivity

In the battery section both the smartphone are fairly similar, with a couple difference. Xiaomi Redmi 1s powered by the Moto E houses a 1,980 mAh battery and a 2,000 mAh battery. Both the smartphone battery are good enough to deliver an adequate back-up bot long life.
Connectivity characteristics of both apparatus are similar both USB support 3g, wi fi, buetooth,. So the users may enjoy amusement attributes and great web connectivity.


The cost of both smartphones are alike, both are priced at Rs. 6,999. Now it depend on you which one suited to your wants, both apparatus are excellent in the like Resmi 1s offers better functionality and camera characteristics than Moto E. Onthe other hand Moto E provide great quality clear and crispy screen.

Xiaomi Redmi 1S vs Motorola Moto E – Which One to chose

Display4.7 inch, HD4.3 inch, qHD
Resolution1280×720 pixels960×540 pixels
Camera8 MP Rear / 1.6 MP Front5 MP rear
Processor1.6 GHz quad-core Cortex A7 processor1.2 GHz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon
OSAndroid 4.3 Jelly BeanAndroid 4.4 KitKat
Storage8 GB, Expandable up to 32 GB4 GB, Expandable up to 32 GB
Battery2,000 mAh1,980 mAh
ConnectivityWi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi DirectWi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Direct
PriceRs 6,999Rs 6,999

5 Best Cheap Android Kitkat Phones Under INR 10,000

Android 4.4 KitKat is the 10th leading variant of Android which was established in November 2013 by Google with lots of changes. This new Mobile software is very distinct in look and feel from the old model of Android : Ice Cream Sandwich. This new variant also called by its own nickname changes in Android color scheme, developments in house display which consist Google and Kitkat, which bring lots of added features. This software has designed for user's convenience to supply them a simple and simple user interface by enhancing phone dialer program.

Under this particular new variant numbers can be searched by users without making android programs, they simply must visit type few letters in dialer pad for searching any company number. In Android 4.4 KitKat powered smartphones, the phone contact list is extremely simple and suitable. There are various other attributes like the users can appreciate programs in fullscreen mode, SMS Hangouts, Display recording and lots of other modest changes added in the Kikat OS.The Android 4.4 KitKat altered the definition of amusement and progress, some times ago it was introducing merely in high end smartphone but now technology has become more affordable and the smartphone firms offering it in budget smartphones also. So after reviewing some company website, shopping websites, and some technology website we've find the very best 5 budget Android KitKat smartphones under Rs. 10000.

All these smartphone consist in the listing of Top 5 Most affordable Kikat OS powers Android KitKat Smartphone's and priced affordably. We recorded these smartphones not just on the foundations of OS all these mobile phones comes with strong central processing unit, good camera characteristics, good battery life, smart connectivity features and a lot of other excellent attributes.

Android Kitkat Powered Smartphones Below Rs. 10000

So lets check this list of greatest five budget smartphones running the most recent Android variant. 10000, choose at an apparatus that is right from this list.

Motorola Moto E

According to me Motorola Moto E is the greatest smartphone for people who would like a low-cost budget kitkat smartphone that is great brand. Moto E requires record breaking layout and a grand entrance in the marketplace because of the affordable cost and characteristics. Few times past it wasn't accessible online also but you can now get it readily. The Moto E attributes contains a 4.3-inch qHD screen, dual-core processor, Android 4.4 and KitKat, a 5MP back camera, powered by a 1980 mAh battery. But here is a drawback in the apparatus which is dearth of front camera.

Micromax Unite 2 A106

Micromax Unite 2 was found only following the start of Moto E and give a powerful fight to it. The Unite 2 additionally has excellent attributes in a cost that is low-cost, the drawback of Moto E meet because Unite 2 consist front camera, by unite it. 2 attributes are united by the to an exquisite and easy layout that users have favored.

Xolo Q600S

The organization established Xolo Q600S to win against the smartphone like Micromax and Moto e Unite 2. The smartphone was found for Rs. 6,999 but now it's available for Rs. 7, 299. The smartphone has powered by excellent attributes with in a budget cost. the smartphone runs in the Android 4.4 kikat OS, packaged with a 5MP back camera, VGA front camera and powered by 1980 mAh Lithium-ion battery.

Micromax Canvas Engage A091

The Micromax Canvas Engage A091 is another kikkat powered smartphone subsequent to the success of blend 2 was established by business. 

Lava Iris X1

Last but not the very least smartphone of our top 5 funds kikat smartphone list is Lava Iris X1. The smartphone reach sales goal that is excellent with its attractive features. It runs on the most up-to-date Android v4.4.2 KitKat Operating System. The double sim smartphone is 3G compatible.