Top 10 free proxy software's

2:53 AM By Anonymous

The people used the Free Proxy Software's to entrance to the blocked and forbidden websites, Proxy is a free of charge plan that permit you to protect your connection during surfing. The big amount of users uses it to open those sites which are blocked in their country by some reason.
For using proxy you have to choose good proxy software, if your software is not good then you have many problems with your internet so here I am going to tell you about those proxy softwares with which you can run proxy surfing without any problem.

Below are the 10 free proxy softwares

1. Freegate

The Freegate proxy software is very easy to use because it uses English as well as Chinese language this software can run and download without installation.
As soon as Freegate starts, it will without human intervention open Dynaweb home page and you can turn off this page in the settings.

 2. UltraSurf

This software is also easy software and it can run on your device without any installation. Also this software supports both languages English and Chinese.
When this software starts an ultra home page automatically open but you can stop it by changing the settings.

3. GTunnel

Same as the above two softwares the GTunnel also support both English and Chinese language. There is a very interesting feature in this software that you can run this software as your Gtalk. This software opens a Garden Networks homepage when it runs.

4. Tor

This proxy software can support many of languages French, Chinese, English etc.if you are using a window you have to use it with Tor Browser Bundle or Vidalia Bundle to run this software. However for the most part of the time, you in addition require to put in some bridges.

5. GappProxy

This software is foundation on Google App Engine, this software only support Chinese language. To run this software most of the time you should download a GappProxy windows client but sometime you require making a fresh FetchServer with Google App Engine.

6. Hyk-proxy

This softaware is also free and easy. This software is also based on Google App Engine and it supports only Chinese instruction but you can saw its English instructions at Google translator. 

7. Your Freedom

If you want to use this software you should simply go to freedom website and create an account there and install the software and use proxy. The configuration of your freedom will acquire a small number of minutes, but robotically.

8. GPass

You just download and run this software to you proxy. There is another feature that you can use this on Skype and tar account.

9. Tunnelier

If you want to use this software then you must need a SSH account to make use of the free proxy software Tunnelier.
In support of SSH account, you be able to make use of your own hosting, or look for a free account.

10. Hotspot Shield

Hot spot shield is a very vast range software and it supports many languages like English, French and Chinese and Hotspot Shield furthermore supports Arabic, Persian, Russian and Vietnamese. 

You have to download and install hotspot shield then you can use proxy. There are shown ads on every page you open.