Apple testing smart watch, termed as “iWatch”

As you know “Apple” is very famous among mobile companies, now they are testing on  a new technology of smart watch which is termed as “iWatch”. Apple is developing its own smart watch, according to reports by the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. But according to our sources apple take experiments on curved devices made of curved glasses. 

And the devices which are can easily fit around our wrist and capable of running the mobile IOS platform. It is also expected that it would have similar features that all new devices have. So it would be a great step towards mobile technology.

 It is not Apple's first attempt at a wristwatch device, they also developed nano models which have face and size like wrist watch.

As hardware getting smaller and technology increasing devices become light weighted and easy to handled. This is the main cause that all big companies in this era of technology try to discover new interesting and easily usable devices.

 Now days every person wants that he must have a very small device and every application is easily run on this device. So companies kept this fact into their minds while developing any device.

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