iPad Mini vs. Nexus 7: Which Is much better

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Today we came with an analysis that which is the best iPad Mini or the Nexus 7 because these days two smart tablets are top of the marketing and they are Google’s Nexus and iPad Mini. If you have to take one of them then you have to choose that you want to use Android system or iOS.

There is also a little difference between the screens of these two mini tablets and the battery life of these tablets is also very differing from one another. The price factor is also there so we take a look on these features that which tablet is better than other.

We can see that The 16 Gega Byte versions of the Apple iPad Mini’s price is around about $ 329 and this ipad is much easier to put into your pocket if we compare with previous version. The other tablet Google Nexus 7 will cost you $ 199 and if you have low budget then it is a best choice for you.

If we take a look on design then we can see that no one can beat the Apple desing same as ipad mini has a great look but Google Nexus is also looks good and had a soft plastic back but iPad is much better than that Nexus7.

Equally the two of the tablets have great long life battery in them. IPad mini is a little better from Nexus 7 because it has a battery life of ten hours and the Nexus 7 has a battery life of 8.3 hours.

In this conversation we can include that both the tablets are well developed and both are good for users. If you want more information about technology then keep visiting our site.