How to Delete Facebook Search Histories

2:48 PM By Anonymous

Facebook is such a smart Social Networking website that it  save you first day search query , any comment or any activity you perform on Facebook. All terms are saved and you can review them also, it is good to delete all old record of Search query because it is good for privacy. Let say 2 years before you searched for "Sachin Tendulakar " on Facebook as usual we do, so Facebook will keep record of it and try to prompt you every time on right pane including people same as name with your search queries and ask you to add them as friend or Like that Page. It will be annoying for you to see adds and recommended users to add, as Friend.Facebook recommend these by using your data of search queries you performed till now if your interest is in music then Facebook show you the Recommendations of music and peoples whose interest is also similar to you and pages of Music band, because Facebook want to flourish his network and expand his business . Follow is example of some Recommendations

If you want this to end and want to delete all of your search history then Follow Simple Steps to Delete your Search History..

Step 1: Go to Profile and Click On Activity Log

Step 2: Select Search From Left Side of Screen and If you will see all of your Search history to Clear it click on Clear Search .

Step 3:

Facebook prompts you to that only you will see the history , because they want to show recommendations to you.

Step 4:

When you Clear the History all of your Search history will be removed and you will see the empty screen like below


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