How to Optimize Blogger Title Tags

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What are Title Tags? The line you assign to your blog as Title of post is considered as Title tag of that post and these tags are also the part of link of your post and these links are indexed in search engines and search engine use them while matching the queries so it is always good to keep your title related to your post content. So that your position in search engine increases and your post appear on first page of search engine.

Why to change Blogger title tags?? if this question arose in your mind that why to change title tags as they are written by experts and developers. So your answer is template available in blogger was updated probably 5 years ago in 2007, since Search engine algorithms specially Google algorithm is changed a lot and you have great chance to be not shown in the search engines and loss of traffic. So to remain alive in Search engine and to compete other website blog it is important that make your Blogger template SEO friendly and so this  SEO related article will help you to Optimize your blog posts title and leave your competitors behind.

How to Change Blogger post title tags:

Step 1:

Go to blogger log in then go to template and edit HTML and proceed.

How to Optimize Title Tags of Blog

Step 2:

Check  Expand Widget Template.

Step 3:

using CTRL+F  Search for this line

<h3 class='post-title entry-title' itemprop='name'>

Step 4: 

Now Change 
 change <h3> to <h2> just replace 3 with 2  and there is still an ending/closing tag. You have to change both starting <h3>and ending </h3> tag into the template with <h2>.In between these tags this is all xml code which work on server to work as HTML page.

How to Optimize Title Tags of Blog

When you change both starting and ending tag then save the template. remember to change both tags starting and ending.

That's it. Now it not only increase visibility and beauty of your blog in search engine's results but also make your blog user friendly to and this will increase a lot of traffic to.
If your blog is not going well keep patience and keep posting also this is how you will be on top of search engines and keep searching for optimization of your blog. Check here more Tips for SEO of Blog.


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