Comparision - iOS 6 Vs Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Vs Winows 8

12:10 PM By Jordan

iOS 6 Vs Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Vs Winows 8 - Comparision

Peoples are talking about these three platform supported phones, So here we discuss about these three iOS 6 Vs Android 4.1 Vs Window 8.

It seems like we are not discussing these operating systems we are discussing about Apple, Google and Microsoft. Apples iOS 6 is the rebirth of its iOS 5 after launching i-Pad 2 it was essential to launch the new version of iOS. Whereas after the launching of Nexus 7 tablet Google was able to launch Jally Bean. So now how can we forget Windows phone to remain backward as there is still not any date is their for the release of Window 8 but Nokia promise to hold the hand of Windows phone, it is saying that window 8 is design to support both touch and TFT screens or it is enable on touch screen as well.

Global market is all set for these operating systems Nokia, HTC, Samsung all are ready for Window 8. For Android HTC, Samsung, Karbon, LG, Micromax, Sony all are waiting to upgrade their Android Software. As you know Apple would not change its software for their i-Phone.

If we are talking about the interference As per the rumors iOS 6 will give a fresh look and performance then iOS 5. New iOS is come with new feel and look. whereas Android 4.1  provide better performance then its previous version. The new interface of Window 8 give new attention to the peoples grab the audience looks.

If we are talking about the app and digital look out as all know iOS 6 has a upgraded version of i-Tunes. Find music on i-Tunes and share it on i-Cloud. For apps and games their will be a great new look for iOS. For Jelly Bean you have to find apps on Google Play Store. For Windows you have to look at XBOX Live or Windows market place for app and digital content.    

For hardware supported iOS 6 will be available for all the products of Apple. It is ll set that from March 2013 it will available for all the products of Apple. Android will be available from Nexus 7 tablet and Window 8 will available when it will be launch. 

All operating system all willing to serve their consumers as soon as possible. We are getting close to get Android 4.1 and Window 8 but for iOS 6 We have to wait for some time.