How To Temporarily Restore Messages In Facebook For iOS

The Facebook messenger app was deemed as the most hated app in the App store this week. This is because instead of allowing its users to converse within the official Facebook app, the company is now forcing users to further install its separate messaging app for users in order to be able to converse with their friends. It is due to this step that Facebook Inc. is receiving widespread criticisms and negativities. About 92 percent of more than 64,000 active Facebook users have awarded the Messenger app with a puny one-star rating on App Annie over the past months.

But iOS users are in luck as they can use the messages tab in the official Facebook app once again with a simple workout and avoid the need to download the standalone Facebook messenger app.

But the only drawback to this seems to be fact that it does not appear to be a permanent fix to the problem. A user reported that after using the messaging feature of the Facebook app for 24 hours with this fix, it reverted back and prompted “install messenger” once again.  But one can simply apply the workout to remove the prompt again easily.

Simply follow the below mentioned steps to perform the desired workout:

  1. Go to the Messages tab in the official Facebook app. When you do so a new page will prompt you to install the messenger app.
  2. Simply tap on the install button when it does. The messenger page will be launched in the App store, where one can begin the download. Here’s the trick now, as soon as the app begins to download simply delete it. Yes don’t let it download fully. Also don’t let app to be installed.
  3. Now go back to the official Facebook app and tap onto the messages tab, and find it to be working smoothly again. If you are really set against being forced to use a standalone Messenger app by the company, this is a good option to ignore it despite it to be sounding like too much of work.

Here are a few reasons why I users are so setup against the Facebook Messenger app:

  1. It is a sub-par app with not much good reviews about it and no substantial added features to drive one into downloading and installing another app.
  2. Most users already have too many other apps installed in their devices and do not have the storage space to spare for an app whose functionality is nothing more than the previous messaging feature of the official Facebook app.
  3. Another reason for the widespread hatred is due to the fact that Facebook Inc. did not think about asking the user’s opinion or permission before adding this unnecessary feature to their system. Being one of the most extensively used social networking app Facebook has the highest number of active users in the recent times. So asking the users’ opinion before adding this important change into the system is only a fair demand on the users’ part.
  4. Another drawback is the fact that iPhone cannot run these 2 different apps in a single screen which makes it more complicated and annoying to use.
  5. Some people are also complaining about missing the Facebook chatheads from the Facebook home, which was quite fun and very user friendly in the first place. Why would the company change and get rid of them is causing much negativities among its users.

To further support your decision of avoiding to install a separate messenger app, visit Rick Broida's suggestions to skip installing Facebook Messenger in your phone.


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