Top 10 alternatives to Dropbox

Dropbox is a standout amongst the most popular cloud storage service suppliers all around the globe. It's Google's item with an extremely solid number of users, giving a ton of options of home users and business arrangements. But, in the same way as whatever other service, Dropbox also has a ton of defects and various users think it’s not what they are looking for. Considering the same circumstance, there are various other cloud computing and file storage service suppliers or simple Dropbox alternatives. You can choose anybody as indicated by your need and requirement. 

The top 10 alternatives

This wonderful alternative provides 5GB of free storage, which is easily expandable for an expense. It has its solid point in the coordination with other Google services, for example, Google Docs. It also gives tools that permit you to work in a group on the same files. Google Drive is available for all operating system platforms. is one of the best Dropbox alternatives, with various potential it has effectively reached to the level of development. Many companies depend on the box, because its secure, takes a shot at any device, and tends to address the needs of small businesses to the Fortune 500 companies. 

We couldn't miss the service of "synchronizing to the cloud", the Redmond software house gives you 7 GB free space, subsequently beating off rivalry. The qualities of the service are better coordination with Windows 8 and with Microsoft Office 2013. You can also alter office files straightforwardly online with the assistance of Office Web Apps. 

Wuala's solid point in their service is safety. Indeed, the files are properly and efficiently encrypted before its passed out to the server, regardless of the possibility that you may still be on your computer. When these are sent for proper server encryption, you will just have entry to them through Wuala. The fundamental bundle offers you storage space of 5GB for no cost at all, which can be increased by buying additional space or welcoming new people to join the service. 

Team Drive has strong points in their calculation of AES-256 encryption. In 2012, they also won the Award in IT Security affirmation of the safety standards. It provides storage space of 2GB and goes up to almost 10 GB with the component of referrals. 

Sugar Sync offers the "regular" 5 GB that you can raise by paying a small charge. The client as of now has a decent level of development having reached version 2.0.

All the force and speed of the Amazon server is at your service. Its speed is the quality of the service and in addition straightforwardness. You have 5 GB free and are upheld by a greatest size of a solitary file of 2 GB. For each one record, you can connect up to eight devices and you can't make the content public.

This program is different from Dropbox and various other cloud storage services because other than the standard client for file synchronization, you can also use Cloud top which is a genuine desktop environment with adaptable applications to suit your needs. It is as though you have a virtual machine, open whenever by means of the Internet, which uses Cloud Me as a hard drive. 

Bit torrent Sync is an extremely lightweight application that permits you to impart a folder between numerous devices connected to a system, be it nearby or public. In which all the devices are "equivalent" and trade information between among them. 

This is the alternative above all else geeks have. As the name proposes with this web application you can make your own cloud home. Practically speaking, it is a genuine content management system.


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