Top 3 New Strategy Games for Mobile

Some people who play on their mobiles want games that can be finished in one sitting. Others, however, like to challenge themselves and test their gaming prowess by playing complex strategy titles. Strategy games have come a long way in providing quality entertainment to gamers. Casino games may be the most popular genre in the mobile market today – what with generous free chips that both free and pay-to-play providers give to their players – but strategy is slowly, but surely, making a name for itself. The success of some of the most popular titles out there like Clash of Clans and Game of War encourage a lot of mobile developers today to keep creating games for the strategy genre. If you love challenging games on your mobile, here are three of the best new strategy games that you can download.

Is one of the most successful franchises out there that has been ported to different gaming consoles over the years. It’s nice to see that the legendary 2D side-scrolling action game still hasn’t lost its charm and made a success out of its first ever tower-defense title (the game has over 70 million downloads now). In Metal Slug Defense, players need to defeat the forces of the undying General Morden, and reclaim the Earth from the invading alien army. Players can also test their mettle by going head-to-head with fellow players from across the globe. Metal Slug Defense is free for both iOS and Android users. Heroes of Might & Magic III HD Another classic title makes it successfully to the mobile platform!

was the strategy game to play back when Windows still ran on CRT computer monitors. This HD port has been perfectly optimized for mobile devices, carrying with it the highly-enjoyable elements of war and strategy that players have loved since its inception. In this game, players need to raise powerful armies, construct monuments, and navigate across the land in order to dominate enemy empires. The game is available for both Apple and Google platforms for $9.99. The Banner Saga

is quite possibly one of the most beautifully-designed strategy games for the mobile today. Along with epic battles, players are treated with sharply-rendered, hand-drawn animations, accompanied by an amazing score from award-winning musician Austin Wintory. In this game, players need to lead a band of farmers, townsfolk, and warriors, as they all flee from the horrific grip of the Dredge. There are over 25 playable characters in the game, each having its own strengths and weaknesses. The Banner Saga is priced at $9.99 and can be played by both iOS and Android users.


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