Windows 9: Is Reported Name of Windows 8 Successor

Microsoft has not made any official public statement up until now in reference to the next version of Windows will soon be named.

Everything that is connected to the operating system which didn't perform in addition to the business and what's been clear for some time is that Microsoft needs to get away from Windows 8 expected it would.

Especially desktop computer users have criticized Microsoft for adding an unwanted touch-centric interface as it made them switch between the two interfaces consistently initially on top of what functioned just fine in Windows 7.

Microsoft attempted to remedy a few of the problems with updates and while it did improve the situation, it did not change the reality that only like Windows Vista, Windows 8 would be considered a bad operating system by many computer users.

Windows 9 has been the likelier option from the get go, while Microsoft could select an alternative name for its next operating system, something like Windows XP for instance.

Windows 9 suggests a clear break to Windows 8 without confusing users with an arbitrary name that doesn't. A variant of Windows XP has been an improbable alternative as it'd be difficult to differentiate from the old operating system while it might function as well.

Microsoft China posted a report in the last 24 hours after doing this, that it pulled fast. As is the event on the current Internet, so the report along with the image that got posted along with it and even a fast reaction doesn't prevent leaks were picked up by Chinese website cnBeta.

The Windows 9 name is, a mockup posted earlier this year, highlighted by the image and while it may well be unofficial work, it has been posted by the official Microsoft China account.

The text that accompanied the picture asked "Microsoft's latest OS Windows 9 is coming soon, do you believe the start menu at the left bottom will make a come back?" which mentions Windows 9 as well.

This is the first official and this improves the opportunity of Windows 9 being the final name of the next Microsoft operating system while it may well be that it was posted in error.


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