Remove Icons And Restore Context Menu labels In Firefox 32

  Firefox 32 is out now and you may have already updated that.

The icons decrease the peak of the context menu without changing its functionality. Critics of the shift state it takes more to load because of the fact that an icon row will not fit nicely in there at all on the background and that pictures take more time to load than textual contents.

Firefox is the browser that the can be customized by you. It comes so not as a surprise you may return to the old context menu readily.

There's likewise an alternative to remove one or multiple of the icons or transfer the most to a different place in the menu.

Alternative 1: Remove icons and Restore labels

This really is most likely the favored alternative for a lot of users of the browser. This choice is offered by the Firefox addon Classic Theme Restorer.

Note:-  This Will Only Work If You Are Using Default Theme.

All you must do is install the add on in Firefox and open its settings later.
Once done, Firefox will show a context menu that is textual again with no icons.

Alternative  2: Menu Wizard

In case you would like to eliminate a few of the icons in the menu or transfer them to a different place, then you certainly may use an addon such as Menu Wizard.

To use the addon is installed by it and restart the browser after. Open about:addons and click the options button next to it, after you have done thus.
·         context-back
·         context-forwrad
·         context-reload
·         context-bookmarkpage
·         context-stop
Each item could be taken away independently from the menu. It's instead possible to transfer each icon to a brand-new place in the menu.

Final Words:-

Firefox context menu that is new

As soon as Mozilla makes a change to a core characteristic of the browser, it's sure that an addon programmer will develop a choice to renew the functionality.

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