Safari 4.0.4 Released, Update Now

Hello Guys!! One important update notification for Apple Mac OS users.

 Safari's New update for Mac OS 10.5.x and Mac OS 10.6.x has been released. Those users who are using these Operating Systems can update their browser right now. While you should have been notified about these updates already but if that is not the case then try checking your Safari browser for update or search for Software updates in your Mac PC. As for now the words are that this update has improved stability for third party plug-ins.

Safari Updates are directly delivered to Apple Mac OS X operating system users by the company itself as soon as they are out every time. Catch is that checking the Safari homepage on the Apple website won't be helping you in updating your old browser. Because you can get downloads when you open the support website of Apple but you will clearly see the last update dating back to May 2012. No newer version or update there.

Safari 5.1.7 is available there for download for Windows and Snow Leopard users but no newer versions are available for download. Mac users are benefitted from the automatic update feature because every time Apple updates their Safari browser or any other software the company notifies its Mac OS users. So they can use automatic update feature to install these updates to their current device.

But those users who are using Safari along with Windows Operating System are really in a weird situation. Neither they get automatic updates nor do they find newer version to download. It may be the death of Safari for Windows users unless they wish to release a new version of Safari for windows users in future. If you are one of the windows users who loves safari then it may be the bad news for you.

The main reason behind Apple showing cold shoulder to windows users is the failure of Safari among them. Safari is the least favorite browser of Windows users, thanks to Smooth Interface, Fast Working, Reliability, Ease of Access and everything else of Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Windows users are not very diehard fans of Safari. Most of the least popular browsers like Opera and Maxthon are more smooth and easy to use for windows users when compared to safari.

Those who have an Apple iPhone or iPad and a windows PC are sometimes forced to use safari. Because they can synchronize their iPhone’s bookmarks abd browsing history on their PC. They will have to use older browser. Or install Firefox or Chrome on their iPhone. These browsers  also work fine with Mac OS and iPhone like other devices.

Rest in Peace Safari for Windows!!!!


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