Facts You Must Know Before Buying Your First Firefox OS Phone

Firefox OS has finally found its ground in India with the launch of two low cost mobile phones; one is Intex Cloud FX and the other being Spice Fire ONE MI-FX. These two low cost “FIREFOX SMARTPHONES” come with a lot of uniqueness; some positive and some negative.  We present you with facts about Firefox OS and these two Not So Smart-Phones. You must read these facts to know about the Firefox OS and the two devices that currently are available in India with it. 

 These Smartphones Are Actually Not So Smart But Easy To Use

Doesn’t matter if these companies, advertisers and sellers are calling these devices – Firefox Smartphones- they are actually not smart enough to be called Smartphones. The two mobiles we are talking about are 2G enabled. They don’t support HSPA/UMTS network. But they do have Bluetooth, USB and Wi-Fi. They are also very basic phones when it comes to app support, internet and multimedia experience. This also makes them relatively easy when compared to android phones. It’s easy to access all features of your phone because icons are always there on the screen. You only need to swipe the screen left and right to explore more. It’s more like android home screen.

An E-Mail ID Is Not Required To Operate Your Phone

Unlike Android devices you don’t need a Gmail account to access your operating system.  All features are in a right to you mode, just open the menu and use.  While having a Gmail account avails you backup and synchronize options in android devices and it’s also needed to access Google play we don’t yet know if these features are even available with the Firefox OS and these two mobile phones.

Very Poor App Support Compared To Android

While Firefox OS does support most of the social networking apps out their like Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Quora  and twitter it doesn’t support all of them.

Whatsapp is only available via third party app “Connect A2”. But when you try to connect to Whatsapp using Connect A2 you will fail. It asks you to enter your mobile number along with country and your nickname. Then you are asked to enter a six digit code that they say “Has Been Sent to Your Phone” but actually it never arrives. They also provide you voice call option to get the access code but that also fails.
You can also play “Flappy Bird” on Firefox OS which has a side scrolling format. In this game you have to control your bird and try to fly it between rows of Green Pipes without crashing to them. But if you want to play Angry Birds then you have no chance in hell. Candy crush saga and Temple Run are also unavailable.
They may fix these issues in future but till then users have to suffer.

Very Low Internal Memory And Very Low External Memory Support

These two mobile phones come with 25 MB internal memory so you need a Micro SD card for apps and multimedia. The catch is that they don’t support more than 4GB of external memory.
Really??? Sounds weird in this age of High Definition but it’s a major low point of these mobile phones.

Consume Less Mobile Data And Battery

Web Compression technique is used in Firefox OS that reduces data consumption rate. Being 2G also adds some intrigue here. 1GB data is enough for a month for an average internet user- minus multimedia content downloads.

They also give you long lasting batteries with these two devices. When compared to android mobiles in their price range they last much longer.


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