People who travel by air generally face some weird situation like loss of time because of airline service and long airport security lines. The most difficult thing is to find the cheapest flight. If you are a newbie to this then you will surely search all over the internet for cheap air tickets. You may open lots of websites in different tabs and then compare each of them.

But isn’t it annoying?

Do you want to get a better way for getting wonderful journey at very cheap rates?
Then just hang out with our post as here I am going to mention top 10+ websites for booking cheapest air tickets.

1. Make My Trip:-
Now comes the turn of my favorite website, i.e. “Make my trip”. With the help of this amazing website you can plan your trip anywhere across the globe. Not only this, but you can also book hotels at the place you are visiting. Even you can get the combo pack of your air trip and hotel reservation. Apart from air booking you can also do other travel booking also. So it is an all in one website.

2. Trip Advisor:-
This is my other favorite website which gives you best airfare discount along with the booking in nearby hotels to your destination place. If you are unable to get any better airfare deal then don’t miss to check out this website. I hope that with this website you trip will become best forever.

3. Booking Buddy: -
This website will solve some of your problems for booking cheap air tickets online. Here you just have to insert your travel detail and you will be automatically get a list of various websites offering the best deal of cheap air tickets. The best thing here is that booking buddy does not redirect you to any other website, it just provide you the list of many other websites so that you can choose a deal according to your requirement.

4. Seat Guru: -
For getting knowledge about the best air deal you should not miss Seat Guru. Along with cheap air rates, this website also has a seating plan for you. So with cheap air tickets you can now get the seat of your choice having a wide leg room or nearby power outlets.

5. Get Going: -
You might have tasted the experience of Hot-wire for booking in hotels in your destination, but now a day’s Get Going has raised the popularity and applies the same psychology to airline booking. With the help of this amazing service you can book your air tickets with a discount of 40%. The website is designed to provide you cost conscious traveling and it is also flexible to destination.

6. Flight Fox: -
If you are unable to find any better solution for cheaper airfare than you can put your detailed query over Flight Fox and the people here will compete to get the best airfare for you. But here you have to pay $24 or more as an upfront fee. If the people here are successful in getting the best airfare then you can enjoy a discount of 75%.

7. Flying Away: -
Generally it is felt that flights are priced according to their demand and supply but sometimes it seems like there is a big coefficient among both. It’s a new site and its main feature is that it puts pricing directly in the hands of travelers. Here you have to do bidding with other travelers and those who win can get the best flight fare. Here things are also little bit complicated because if there are not ample amount of users till then the auction will not open up.

8. Hipmunk: -
Here with this amazing website you can get the best airfare along with the best deal for hotel room arrangement. You can also track the flight and can book flight seats according to your choice (via leg room space, near sockets etc.)

9. Momondo: -
The main aim of this colorful site is to scrape or crawl airfare sites instead of plugging in any third parties’ aggregation. Generally it is possible that the website recommend a different flight for your trip, but that will be having a cheaper air fare than others.

10. Bing Travel: -
If you really want to step inside future hen Bing is the ultimate option. The tag line which makes the website outstanding is “BING’S TRIP”. With the help of this tag line you can get the idea that you can buy any air ticket or you have to wait. Here you can book your flight with 80% confidence.

11. Google Flights: -
Now the Google has bought its own ITA which results in Google’s own flight search. This website deals amazingly with U.S. flights. A map view is provided by which you can get the idea about current flights and the route to your destination. A bar graph view is also provided which indicated fluctuation in air fare.

12. Yapta: -
It is very frustrating when you want to buy something and it goes on sale. Here you have to be lucky enough so that the store can return your bucks. If you are connected with Yapta then you will obviously get the best air deal and along with it if any flight cancels out then you will get your money back.

With the help of these websites I hope that you will get the best deal of your choice. So enjoy your journey with lots of perks.


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