Blogger vs. WordPress, Which is better?

Blogging is a very interesting way for sharing your views with other and also you can know other people view point with the help of blogging. There are many methods of doing blogging but two famous ways are WordPress and Blogspot. In this post, I will be discussing about the difference between the two but before that lets have a look that what these things are.
It is an open source and free blogging tool for bloggers. It is also a content management system based on MySQL and PHP. It works on web hosting services. Basic features of WordPress include templates and plug-in system. The WordPress tool is used by more than 19% of top 10 million websites. It is a most popular blogging system used over web. It was released on May 27, 2003. Its founders were Mike Little and Matt Mullenweg. Under Free Software Foundation the license of WordPress software has released. The most useful and popular feature of WordPress is plug-in. The plug-in allows users to extend their ability. You can choose any of the plug-in from a database of 26,000 plug-in. Every plug-in offers custom features and functions which allows users to make their site according to their requirements.
Basically it is a blog publishing service which permits multiuser blogs with time stamped entities. It was created by Pyra Labs and was bought by Google in 2003. The blogs are hosted by Google under a sub domain of A single user can have up to 100 blogs for its single account. Till May 1, 2010 this tool has permitted users to publish blogs on some different hosts with the help of FTP. These type of blogs need to be moved on Google’s own server bearing the domain other than
There are many other things about WordPress and Blogspot which I will be discuss in its difference section. So let’s have a look on it.

Blogger vs. WordPress

These days’ people take blogging very seriously. If you want to start your own blog then you can choose hosting of various websites spreaded over internet. The most popular of them are Blogspot and WordPress. The main and most important difference between both of them is that Blogspot provide free services but they are surrounded by advertisements but WordPress is a paid tool. There many WordPress services which are provided for free but most of the services are also paid and if you will not include them in your blog then you will miss some important tricks. So for newbie’s both services are more than good enough.

Second major difference between both of them is of JavaScript. With the help of Blogspot you can include third-party scripts in your blog but in WordPress JavaScript is not permitted. In one you will get faster and clearer interface but in another you will get more interactive interface. So it’s totally up to the user to decide which is more important for him.

Both WordPress and Blogspot permits to create private blogs i.e. the blogs which are not visible to common people. Now here the difference is in the option that who can view them. In Blogspot you are limited to only 100 people but in WordPress you have no restriction. You can choose anyone and can also block the people to whom you don’t want to enter your blog.

At last, the WordPress allows password protection facility in your post (another way to limit you can view your post). These features can’t be enjoyed in Blogspot.

Both these tools are feature full in blogging across the globe. But one thing you should keep in your mind is that Blogspot is owned by Google that’s why it also integrated some services offered by Google. The most important service is Google Ad sense. This is a very important service if you are monetizing the blog that you are building.

After analyzing these differences I feel that you can now choose the services of your desire. But if you still in trouble then my suggestion is to use either of services because both of them are good in their own. I hope that you will surely create a good blog with any of these tools.


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