Free Top 5 iPhone Apps To Watch Movies and TV Shows Online

Want to watch Movies and TV shows online on your iPhone device..??And trouble to watch because of lack of flash player not supported by iPhone..?? Then don't worry i have some iPhone Apps and websites that will help you to Watch Free Movies and TV Shows Online on your iPhone device.

And the best thing of these choices is that they are free and offering legal way to watch movies and TV serials online.But what is most Recommended here..??We just required high speed internet on iPhone device.

Here are some articles i think you missed:

Free iPhone Apps and Websites To Watch Movies and TV Shows Online:


This is best free iPhone application with huge amount of videos from categories like action,sports,comedy and web originals.You can also view videos by popular videos or the joost pics.So i recommended you to use this app to watch movies and TV serials online.

This is the another free iPhone app available on iTunes Apple store and basically a video sharing website to watch movies and TV serials online from all over the world.

This app is best app to watch trailers,animation,short films and music videos online.The category under this website are Fun videos,movies,news,politics,music etc.By using this website you can also add videos and make money online.

This app is another best app available on the internet and comes in third category according to TechnologyRaise best movies apps ranking.The category comes on this app is that free movies,moving images and videos etc.

You can also bookmarked favorite videos and search by categories also choose videos from low,medium,and high quality video basis.

4)HollyWood Pocket:- This is not a app but basically a website which help us to watch free movies and TV serials online.This is a new website so doesn't having huge videos.

Visit the website from your iPhone safari browser and choose the best categories from the collection and watch movies online.You can also Pause,Forward or rewind the videos as these movies are in QuickTime format.

This is best website from the all above apps and websites.But why?? Because we can easily connect with latest news and movies trailers by using this app or website.

You can also create live videos or show online.When your videos goes live you can send notification to app website also.

Hope this article will help you in finding iPhone Apps to watch movies and TV shows online.Thanks for Visiting Technology Raise and spending time in reading article. Post your comment below to share your ideas and experience with the above mentioned apps. 


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