What is new in Android 4.2 jelly beans

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Five months ago Google debuted with Android 4.1 known as Jelly beans and now Google back with Android 4.2 which also will be called jelly beans.As name not changed but there are plenty of new function and changes noticed in Android 4.2 as compared to 4.1. Nexus 4 smart phone and Nexus 10 tablet use Android 4.2 and both are introduced in November last year.Android 4.2 takes the speed and simplicity of Jelly Bean to a different level  completely new camera  that is beyond smart, a new way of typing that help you power through your messages.Android 4.2 also include multi user support, wireless streaming, new widgets and Gesture typing. In photographer point of view, the most interesting new feature in Android 4.2  is no doubt the Photo Sphere camera. So the new features in Android 4.2 are below listed.

Gesture Typing:

Gesture Typing

This feature same as swype keyboard mostly in Samsung smart phones in this feature just user have to glide fingers across the keyboard, pressing each letter in the word you would like to spell  and Android will show suggestions to the word you want to type.If swiping is too much work, Android 4.2 also have offline voice-to-text. It is mostly accurate.

Google Now:

Google Now

For more than a decade, Search  is based on the system where a blank search box and a user's query. But now there is a lot of data in search engines and we got irrelevant data some times and there some difficulties also faced my users while searching a data.Google is stated goal with Google Now is to provide users with information they need.

User Accounts:

Android 4.2 jelly beans support for multiple user accounts.Android 4.2 supports up to 8 total accounts including the owner, and each has its own apps and media. Logging in and out of accounts can be done through the lock screen, which is also accessible through each users settings drop down. Using Android 4.2 user accounts are very basic, with one owner account  they able to create new accounts and delete old ones. New account must go through the Google Android setup process and when it complete, all can apply their desire settings and favorites.

Widget Features:

Android 4.2 have two new widget enhancements in it . Now Lock screen have some widgets. This screen widget  include a clock, calendar, G mail, Google chat and a Google Play Music. A tap and unlock will open the tablet up into the respective app. Five widgets maximum can be placed on Lock screen.Second new feature is that widgets when moved from 1 pane to other will now automatically re size and adjust their size to fit in home screens.This increasing in widgets will facilitate the users while achieving their desire goals quickly.


It is Substitute of screensaver now in Android 4.2. It work similarly as screen savers work but it also display gallery images and currents info while the device is idle or charging. it also waste of battery life more as compared to screensaver. This new feature of Android 4.2 is use less and not able to attract many users and even it is harmless and new thing too.


 Using Android  Jelly Bean 4.2 now users can expand and manage notifications individually  including for calls and the calendar.Photos and screen grabs are now can be shared through the notifications as well. It is not revolutionary, but it is much better.Android always give users control where it comes to managing notification and connections. Just drop down the menu from top of  screen to view all notifications in list.you also got a notification of missed call message and meetings there also

Amazing Photo Sphere camera:

 Android 4.2 Photo Sphere new feature is fun to use and is a new way of capturing images which gives you almost three dimensional experience.Allow you to view your photo right on your phone and share them on Google Plus with your followers and you can also add them on Google Maps for the world to see them.

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