How To Create Repeat Events on Facebook

These day's Facebook has benefit the user with many facilities , Before Facebook peoples have to remember the dates of birthdays , party's , meet ups and all other important meetings, but now people instead of writing on the pages uses Facebook to do all the work for them, you can even view the upcoming birthday's of your friend's using Facebook Birthday calendar.
Facebook have an other powerful features of Events in which you can create event of your life or any social event and invite to the related interest of peoples to join this Event, Previously it is not possible to create Repeat events so if you have event which repeated after a week on regular intervals you have to create new event manually, But now Facebook  resolved this case and introduced Repeat events on Facebook . You just have to click on the options of existing event and select is as Create repeat Event also shown in picture.
                                               Create Repeat Events on Facebook
 A pop up will appear where if you want can change the name and setting of event and invite members again

Create Repeat Events on Facebook
This is good step by Facebook to giving facilities to users to create repeatable events on Facebook , so now  if they have to make a event of party at every fortnight there is no need create new events every time for that, they just edit the existing event to Repeat and use it.
Facebook team always examine the difficulties his user faces and try to resolve it.
Thank's Facebook team.


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