Remove YouTube Logo From Embedded Videos

5:03 PM By Anonymous

YouTube recently posted on their official blog that viewers can now remove the logo of YouTube from embedded videos which they want to share on third party website. This is a good news for those who have websites/blog and used as their own video. Earlier YouTube videos many redirect traffic from website which have embedded videos from YouTube hence loss of traffic and also your all videos will be accessed from YouTube then there is no use of your website. Following are the simple step to learn how to remove YouTube logo from embedded videos.

Step 1:

  • Go to video you want to embed and insert in blog
  • Click Share button
  • Click Embed
You will find a code as highlight in the screenshot, copy the code of your video.

Step 2:

  • Go to Create new post or edit existing Post.
  • Click HTML 
  • Now insert here code you copy from step 1

Step 3:

Now this is the main part of Post you have to enter ?modestbranding=1  after URL of your video also shown in picture below.

Now all done Publish this Post and play video no Logo appear in the Video as in mine in following Picture.

If we do not enter these words then When we play the Video it look like as below in picture and clearly show logo of the YouTube which put bad impression on viewrs.

Check Our video with out Logo 


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