Facebook -You're Temporarily Blocked

Do you know why you may be Temporarily Blocked  by Facebook ?
Facebook users you may be blocked by Facebook if you now spam your articles links on Facebook multiple pages continuously. First time you may be given a notification by Facebook like as shown in the screenshot below.

But if you ignore this and continue your submission on other pages then you will be temporarily blocked  by Facebook for 2 days. For two days you can't submit any story on any Facebook page.
May be Facebook is doing this to stop spam in Facebook and prevent its user from spam links. Please give your feedback by commenting below. Do you like this step by Facebook.?


  1. Facebook has got dumb, if they dont like your artwork, they block you for 30 days, if you mention about Mark Zuckerberg attending Builderberg and Bohemian Grove ,and saying these religio-political elites are a virus to the planet with another account that one gets blocked for 30 days also.