Facts About New Advanced Imaging Technology

5:01 AM By chirag garg

This technology was first used by Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to increase the security of passengers and staff members while travelling.
Advanced imaging technology is basically used in a way that  is safe for all the passengers and comprises all safety measures and health standards.
These devices basically perform search of passengers in a form of a virtual strip which looks beneath the clothes to display a picture of the skin and helps to detect concealed objects made up of any type of material – both metallic and non-metallic.
In other words, we can say, it is used to check whether a person has hidden object under his/her clothing or not which can further prove dangerous.
The images can be generated by the following two methods:
* Black scatter X- ray device.
* Millimeter device.
Security Administration installed new software for enhancing the privacy on all millimeter wave Advanced Imaging Technology machines by eliminating passenger specific images so that acceptance to this technology by the passengers must get increased.
The imaging system which is used detect concealed objects made of any type of material is the Provision.
ProVision 2 is the smallest screening system which has Automatic Target Detection.
Back scatter X-ray which uses ionizing radiation can cause DNA damage.
Property and privacy risks.
Risk of developing cancer when exposed to ionizing radiations.
Millimeter wave technology can cause burns when improperly used.


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