How To Watch YouTube Video in VLC Media Player.

As we all know VLC is a free and open source cross-platform multimedia player which is very simple, fast and powerful Media player. As there are many features in VLC Media Player one of that which is very useful is that we can watch YouTube Video in VLC Media Player. Moreover it provides many other features like we can skip ads which might play before or between the video.Secondly we can watch video in any size of screen .Lastly we also change playback speed of video.

To play YouTube video in VLC Follow the following steps

1  Download VLC Media Player. Click on Download button below for instant download.
     If you have Then check for the updates because latest version support this.

2  Now Click on Media then in Media click on Open Networks Stream.

3 Now click on Networks for adding youtube video in Media Player.

4 Add your YouTube Video link URL in the box .Then click on Play