How to Optimize Blogger Post Title

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There are total six tags which are H1,H2,H3,H4,H5,H6. H1 is biggest and H6 is smallest one. Heading tags are important for search engine optimization. some search engines like Google give more importance to H1 tag which contain the most important key word of the posts so we use H1 for important content but Blogger post titles are by default set to H2 or H3 depend on template which you are using , template also effect in ranking of blog. To set set the post titles of your blog to H1 we have write some steps below follow them to optimize your blogger post titles.

Step 1:

Log in to Blogger, go to Design / Layout > Edit HTML and tick the "Expand Widget Templates" check box.

Step 2:

Now using (CTRL +F) find following code.
<b : if cond = 'data : post.title '> 

Step 3:

Now replace 

<h3 class='post-title entry-title'> to <h1 class='post-title entry-title'> and </h3> to </h1>. like below we do.

If you don't find H3 tags in your template code then search for H2 tag instead of H3 because some templates use H2 tags also.

Step 4:

Now using (CTRL +F) find following code.


Step 5:

 Now we need to change post title font size by adding this code before/above it.

h1 . post-title, .post h1 #Blog1 h1, #Blog2 h1 { font-size:1.5em; }

After it save template and you all done. this template will now use H1 tags . see more SEO Tips for Blogger.


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