10 Best Free Windows 7 Apps You Must Have

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Newly installed window 7 and want best software. Here we make list of some top quality and free software which you must install on your computer. These software are necessary for your computer system if you want to connect to internet, edit image, view photos, listen songs, play movies and to perform system con figuration or system optimization of your computer. These software's will help you whenever you  want to perform a special task on your computer because window not came with all of software's these software's came in the section of utility software which depend on user to install according to his own taste.

List of 10 Windows 7  Apps You Must Have:

#1 Google Chrome :

20 Windows 7 Apps You Must Have : Free

Google's freeware internet browser is top on the list and installed on every peoples system who use this system to connect with world, it one of the faster browsers on the Web.  it also offer many beautiful extensions and offer high class security.

#2 Microsoft Security Essentials

when it comes to security of system software you must download is a good anti-virus/spyware utility. As antivirus is a must for system now a days if you don't have good antivirus then your window will not work properly for long time we suggest you to install antivirus to protect you computer from viruses and Trojan.  to see the list of Top 10 antivirus for 2013. Microsoft security essential is a freeware.  MSE is excellent antivirus software and it uses less space and not let your pc slow and is smart also to detect viruses and remove them.This is only available for original Windows 7. 


#3 Adobe Flash Player

20 Windows 7 Apps You Must Have : Free

Adobe Flash Player is necessary Software for windows 7 It allows you to watch video or many other types of flesh images on the Web . it is something important like window, window must have built in flesh player in it. you will be download sooner or latter because it is necessary and among those software's who download most so far.

#4 VLC Media Player:

VLC Media Player is open-source multi platform media player, and now the part of large number of computer systems, peoples use it to play any type of media because it is fast reliable and produce good result. it also include streaming features and much more features in it you must download it if you have plan to play any kind of media in your computer system it can play every type of file.

#5 Skype

Skype is the Most popular application for video chat and voice calls over the Internet. Skype allows users to call any other Skype user for free . With Skype you can do instant messaging and screen sharing and some other cool stuffs . Skype also have some paid services like calling a phone .

#6 Internet Download Manager:

Internet Download Manager is Power full and best software to download things in high speed. internet download manger can download any thin on any site it popularly used to download YouTube videos. it separate downloading file in to separate parts and then download ant high speed. Internet download manger best option is that you can pause any file and can resume it late and if downloading your computer go out of electricity download not lost. You can also add a URL to download manually.It is free for 30 days then you have to pay for it to continue using.

#7 ĀµTorrent :

20 Windows 7 Apps You Must Have : Free
If you are aware of torrent client and want to install efficient client of it which occupies less space but gives optimum performance so it is  U Torrent which occupies less than half MB space of your system memory and allowed you to download files using torrent.

#8 CCleaner  :

This program automatically work for you to delete all unwanted data, cookies, temporary files which decrease performance of your system. It is  One way to speed up a slow computer is to clear up unnecessary junk files that pile up in your hard drive, and CCleaner does just that. And with an added uninstalling feature that removes annoying programs that refuse to leave your computer.

#9 Adobe Reader:

20 Windows 7 Apps You Must Have : Free
Adobe Reader occupies lot of memory space than other similar software’s however it is better to stick with original creators of the PDF format. it allow you to view and navigate between PDF files important for your system also.

#10 Picasa Free Download : 

Picasa is the excellent photo viewer  to preview pictures , Picasa is a best photo viewer application Created by Google, Picasa gathers and organises all your photos to make them easily accessible. Adjusting and fixing your photos, posting them online, in Picasa you can edit, crop and make collage of our images ,also videos can be mixed and and we can take pictures of playing videos.

If you think there must be application which you miss comment below so that we add that to list.


  1. I guess the list should be increased as the menntioned apps normally are very common. Bring out some alternate apps for the above

    1. Yes by sure we will provide you the best alternate apps of the above mention app , Some of them are even listed on the website like-
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      soon we will update other apps alternatives . Thanks for commenting , keep visiting.

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