How to enable or disable Chrome extensions quickly and natively

Some extensions you've installed in Google Chrome might not have to run on a regular basis. Believe of an extension that operates just on just one site or one which you merely use for certain jobs like research or development.

While some extensions use while idle memory optimization methods to make use of little or no memory, others make use of exactly the same number on a regular basis.
This might not be an issue in case your system has a lot of memory, but in the event you're utilizing Chrome on a low end or midrange system, it can be an issue as these extensions, even if not in use, may use memory which could be of use elsewhere.
It's possible for you to have a look at a thorough investigation of the problem here.
In this guide, I mentioned extensions you can use to instantly change of individual extensions or a group of. As some extensions may not be needed by you on a regular basis, you may use the process to immediately turn them off to lessen the memory use of the browser.
Update: It seems that activation has another significance than disabling or enabling the extension. While you may find an extension will operate or will not function if you hit the it will not be disabled or enabled in the browser as an extension.
What I didn't mention back then was that the Chrome browser boats with a built in choice to enable or disable individual extensions using keyboard shortcuts.

Here is how that works:
Open Chrome's Extensions page in the browser either by loading chrome://extensions/ right in the address bar or by clicking on the Burger menu button and choosing More Tools > Extensions from the context menu that opens up.

Here you find whether they're empowered or not and recorded all installed extensions.

Situate keyboard shortcuts at the base of that page.

An overlay menu appears you may utilize to establish shortcuts for extensions separately when you click the link.

To do so click on the "not set" field and press a shortcut combination in your keyboard, e.g. Ctrl+Shift+m

Reach acceptable when you're done.

The shortcut could be utilized to toggle the condition of the expansion. It's going to disable the extension and vice poetry, if it's enabled.

As I've mentioned before, this functions just for individual extensions. A shortcut becomes practicable with each extension while you are able to place it for all extensions you've installed in Chrome.

If you need to toggle the state of one or two just, or do have installed one or two, then this could be the very best option as you do not have to install another extension to handle the activation state of extensions in the browser.

You'll notice that it might take some time after you hit the shortcut you've set before the state is toggled.


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