Find out if your Gmail password was stolen

Hunting for your own e-mail and downloading the email address may be the most suitable choice you have to learn if your password has been changed. It is also possible to use third party services such as Is Leaked online in the event you do not need to download the packed 36 Megabyte file to find out.

Here you must put in your Google email address to assess it against the database of the service. You will be notified by the service in case the e-mail you've entered has been leaked or not. The situation will show the initial two characters of the password which account owners can use to check the claim to affirm that it is desperate.

Alter your password

Alter your Gmail password instantly, in case your e-mail is really on the list. This ought to come before any other measures you can undertake and is the most significant measure.
1. Open the security page in the Google site.
2. Click on change password.
3. Enter your present password as well as the new password.
This blocks anyone from getting your account together with the old password. You might additionally wish to sign outside of all existing Gmail sessions. You locate info about the best way to do that below.
Check your account wasn't obtained
You might need to understand in case your email address and user information are on that list, whether your account was obtained. The best method to do so is to go to the official Gmail site, sign in to your account in the event you never have done so already, and click on the "details" link in the very bottom of the primary display.

This lists all recent actions and time. For every action, the access type, e.g. web browser or cellular, place and IP address are recorded which may give you added tips.
Here you could also click on "sign out all other sessions" to block any other session which could be getting your data then.
You might also need to assess your Google account action too. As it's likely to make use of other Google services to be accessed by a Gmail account, you might need to ensure that this didn't occur too.

Start using two-factor authentication

It's possible for you to enhance the complete security of your account by empowering two-factor authentication. While you need to put in a cellular telephone number to your account for that the security enhances by adding another tier of protection to the signal in procedure.
Attackers cannot use password and email address alone as they do want access to the cellular telephone number also to look over the code that's created during the sign in procedure.


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