Top 10+ Microblogging Websites

Microblogging is necessary for those who want to grow their space in social networking. With the help of this interesting fact you can easily tell your friends that what you are using and following, and all this can be done only in 140 characters. 
If you are a real estate agent then you can immediately inform your clients about the new open houses. This is the best method of keeping your employees up to date. Because of all these reasons, micro-blogging has become a great tool. So I will say that in any situation, this method is the easiest way of keeping your friends and followers up to date in a very effective manner. Now I guess that you may want to know about top microblogging websites. So here is the list for the same. 

1. Twitter: - I hope you will not shock with this microblogging website as it is very expected. Twitter is a part of microblogging websites since 2006. It has continuously gained new user accounts every year. If you are searching for a best microblogging website, then Twitter is better. 

2. Friend Feed: - If you are looking for a combination of many social networking services, then this is the best website for you. It is one of the bets microblogging website. You can use it freely for your social updates. But things depend on user to user experience. I hope you will like it. 

3. Tumblr: - If you are searching for a website that accepts all types of contents i.e. Photos, videos, Audio, Text, chats then your search stops here. This website contains all in one feature. Also, it contains many useful customizing features. 

4. Plurk: - This website is setup in the format of the timeline. It is only two years old, but it is among one of the top microblogging website. It is very famous in Southeast Asia and U.S. 

5. Qaiku: - This website is very new and it has contributed only a little time in the microblogging website group. Apart from this it has the best functionality and permits you to connect either by making a new account or by connecting your Facebook account. It has a smart user interface which makes the site look different. 

6. This website provides wonderful microblogging services which are very much similar to Twitter. Here you can access groups and can take the benefit of geolocation. You should check them once and trust me; you will become this lover of this website.

7. Dipity: - Basically this is a management tool. It allows user to publish articles, blog posts, videos, pictures etc. It plays a major role in microblogging website. I feel that you must not miss this website.c

8. Meemi: - This microblogging website is very much similar to Tumblr, but it has some great features which Tumblr does not have. The good thing here is that you can share your files in any format of your choice. 

9. SpotJots: - Now this website is similar to BrightKite. It also provides geolocation functionality which provides the facility to meet different users. This microblogging website is awesome for those who are looking forward to make business or personal connections. 

10. Meetme: - This is another useful microblogging website which you should consider. Its home page is very attractive and shows a list of regular users. You can join this website with the help of your Facebook account.

11.Yammer: - This is a fermium enterprise which started working in 2008 but in 2012 Microsoft purchased it. Today it is best in microblogging world. You should try it once for tasting its experience.


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