Almost all Smartphone users use Whatsapp on their device so that they can stay in touch with their friends. You might have noticed that, generally the Whatsapp displays “last seen with the time in your friends wasp message thread” like last seen 18:40. This can become a big problem if you family members are also on Whatsapp… you may get in a big trouble if you cant hide last seen Whatsapp time from others Whatsapp. But now you can do magic with your Whatsapp because with its new features, you can hide your last seen from Whatsapp. For this you have to follow some simple steps. These steps can be different for every operating system like android, windows and iOS.

Generally there s no availability of hiding last seen message on Whatsapp but by following steps given below you can activate this magic in your device. 

For iOS

1. Approach Whatsapp and search for settings option.
2. Now navigate to advance in the Whatsapp.
3. Now move to advance in Whatsapp
4. Now disable the option “last seen timestamp”

With the help of these steps you can easily hide your last seen on Whatsapp in iOS device. Try this and you can easily escape from the devils on Whatsapp. 

For Android

For android devices you don’t need to do the settings like iOS devices. But android device users need to use another application for using this magic. But this application is not available on Googl Store officially. So mind that this is not an official application provided by Google for Android's Whatsapp. But for you convenience you can download this app from here

Now you have too follow the following steps. 

1. First download this application from the above link. 
2. Now you have to install this application. 
3. Now while installing you must keep an eye on the installation process. Because while installation, you will encounter few options like “block last seen, block seen @booth phone, always recover WI-Fi”. If you will check these options while installation, then you can activate this magic in your device. 

This app uses the process s follows. 
First it will turn off your Wi-Fi connection and then it will turn on your connection when you will close the Whatsapp. After that you have to close the check box showing the message “block last seen” in your application for blocking last seen message from your Whatsapp. Sand if this option does not work properly, then you should choose another option displaying the message “block last seen at boot phone”. Because of this option with every boot of your device your last seen will get hidden from Whatsapp. Sand for making your WiFi connection, automatic you should choose “always recover Wi-Fi”. After that you have to save these options in your app. 

For Windows and blackberry 

Sorry to say, but the trick for blackberry and windows phone is not yet available. If ever it is released then we will surely update it for you. 

If you are having any other tricks related to Whatsapp and other applications then you can share it in the comments.


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