Top 8 Most Preferred Social Networking Sites to Promote Your Blog Post

Sharing your views with like-minded people and even with general multitude sounds great atleast you have one platform to indulge and display your thoughts and ideas. Hence it’s great idea to create a blog. One would want to share your knowledge, your discovery with others or post on blogs just for fun. The first step about blogging is to choose a website to create a blog and then host it. Blogs usually comprise of profiles, text, photographs, and links between friends and interests and may also include video or audio files. Blog Profiles and services usually allow users to easily connect with friends and their acquaintances having similar interests, even by school attended. Most people are well-known with the giants in social networking. However, there are many networking sites that you can join to directly or in some way endorse your blog and drive traffic to it.

With over 350 million users around the world, Facebook is the most famous social networking site and one of the many facets of Facebook; you can use the site to oblige people to your blog. Just you need to be sure to add your blog to your Facebook profile .User can even join or start a Facebook group to promote their blog. The possibilities are numerous and amazing.

Counting withover 75 million users, LinkedIn is also a popular social networking site for business people as well to network with business people and professionals, simultaneously offering the option to even promote your blog.

MySpace may moved down the charts listing social networking sites in recent years, but it's still one of the largest social networking sites with millions of users. As a matter of fact it's become an important site for musicians. Interest to blog about blog about music or entertainment? MySpace could be a great tool for you.

Friendster is a social network that relates to friendship and acquaintances with new friends to view their social activities and stay connected with active connections, but not only this depending on your interest you can blog's topic with desired audience, this could be a good social networking site for you to join.

This social networking site makes it easy to catch up and socialize with new acquaintances, mutual friends sharing new ideas and endorsing your blogs also although it may not be that popular with every genre of the society but still it has made its mark with the multitude. If you have the liking for meeting new people and sharing your interest do visit Hi5 and you will find like minded people exchanging their blog with you.

Bebo is an open space for engaging with socialites and friend, launched far back in 2005, you can post blog, photographs, videos and audio as other social networking sites and it has a really good feature to let users know who visited their profile page. The presentation of this site is great for bloggers who are creative thinker regarding different common platform and popularize them through their blogs.

BlackPlanet promotes and proclaims itself as "the largest black website in the world. The site has a huge African & American audience comprising approximately 29 million audiences.

Netlog last in the list but not the least has approx. 70 million users, primarily in Europe, Turkey, the Arab world to add to the list. Netlog mainly aims on localization and geotargeting, which could be very useful to bloggers you are interested in travelling and blogging the same.

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