Share Any Web Image To Facebook Wall Or Page without uploading and without using URL

Facebook is a popular social networking website all over the world, but it also work as your  Public Profile which tell whole story of your life if you have added rich text and information in your Facebook profile then it will be easy for any one to find that what type of person you are and Facebook also allow to discuss on pages, groups and working also like form. Now every website have Plugin to share articles on Facebook . Now, let say you want to share a picture from any website to your Facebook profile. What you have to do to achieve this work ? First download the image. Then log in to Facebook, go to profile and upload a photo it is time wasting and irritating also , So there is a simple way which will look like you have uploaded it purely same as i said picture will be uploaded purely yours no back links, what you have to do is there is a Chrome extension-Upload Photos To Facebook Pages. This will  upload photos to Facebook which allow you to post photo on Facebook without coping or pasting its URL  This extension let you share every image you want to upload in Facebook just Right Click on image and select Upload to Facebook.

Simply Right Click the photo and select upload to Facebook:

Write text you want to Write With this Photo:

That's All Photo will be Uploaded on your Wall

Direct link-Chrome extension"Upload Photos To Facebook Pages"
About ExtensionUpload Photos To Facebook Pages  

With this extension, you can share any photo you like on the web (Facebook or other website) to your Facebook profile or your own pages easily without opening your account explicitly. This extension save time and effort since you can share it to more than one page at the same time!!! Wow!Also don’t forget you can add and update what you say about the photo before sharing it!!


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