How To Disable Message Read Status In Facebook Messages

Facebook is continuously adding new features in his interface some are liked by users but some are not. What can we do now we became habitual to Facebook so even can't think to leave him but there are every time some ways which let us do what we want. Facebook recently added new feature in his interface using which we can know that whether our message is read by recipient or not. It give flexibility to user that he know that  his information is received safely or not, It is all OK when we are sender, we love to know that our message is seen by person or not. But problem occur when we are receiver of message and by this feature sender will be informed that we seen the message or not. This feature is disliked by many peoples so their is a way to let it disable, 

Before Installation:

Install this small software name Chat Undetected so this new feature of Facebook will be not more available for you.

About Chat undetected :

Chat Undetected lets you disable Facebook Messenger’s read receipt feature, preventing others from seeing if you have viewed a message or not.

After Installation:


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