New Libre Office- Alternative to Microsoft Office

Microsoft is the first name which pops up in the mind when it comes to productivity suites on Office. It is well known fact that Microsoft Office is very popular and used very widely, also it is very impossible to see a computer system which does not have Microsoft Office in it.
We all know that Microsoft Office is a benchmark for almost all its competitors. Many of the users of Microsoft thinks that there is nothing else like Microsoft Office in this whole universe. Apps released by Microsoft is very unique and productive.
It is also well understood that all users can’t afford very expensive Microsoft Office, also it is well known that every user also don’t require Microsoft Office for their work. There are many free productivity suites having lots of features which most of the users care for.
If we talk about the user interface of Libre Office that it is not as elegant as the present version of Microsoft Office 2013. It can be easily noticed that the user interface of this is very much similar to the user interface of Office 2003, so it lacks the ease of accessing navigation ribbon. So, it is clearly understood that the user interface of this app is very much usable.
The most important thing about Libre Office is that it can easily recognize the files created in Microsoft Office. So, if you are having the files created in Microsoft Office and you are switching to Libre Office then do not worry as you need not to create them again. Libre Office is smart enough to recognize those files. Here you can edit, alter and work on the files created in Microsoft Office.
The good thing about using Libre Office is that you can enhance its applications just by installing an extension. This can be easily done by visiting Libre Office extension page and downloading the required extension as per your needs.
Libre Office is available in two formats. First one is “Libre Office Fresh”, and another is “Libre Office Still”. Both these versions are available free of cost over the internet and both of them includes all newly introduced features, however you may find some little issues while using this newly launched application. If you want to enjoy this application hassle free then I would like to suggest “Libre Office Still”.
The most wonderful thing about Libre Office is that it is available in a portable version, so you can easily carry your personal office suite in your Flash Drive.

Generally, Libre Office has proved to be a great office program. It’s not much close to Microsoft Office, but considering it's free we can consider it to be the best alternative to Microsoft Office.


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