YouTube : 500 Internal Server Error. What And How to Fix?

Black day for the YouTube, as many people from all over the world encounted "500 Internal Server Error" or if they have access to YouTube its working very slower than it normally experience. 

As per company, they says that they are working quickly to find and fix the issue. 

What is "500 Internal Server Error" ?
It is the Internal Server message comes when the website cannot be display the page.

How to Fix "500 Internal Server Error" ?
As this server problem so there is not to do more but to make sure that the problem is not from your end you can go through the mention steps to fix the problem 
1 Reload the web page - Press F5 or refresh/reload button 
2 Clear Your Browser Cache.
3 Delete your Browser Cookies
If still you find the same come back later. 


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