Google Released Software Removal Tool For Windows

If you think that your Chrome browser is behaving strangely on your commands or usage, then it is recommended to download and run the new released software removal tool by Google. You can download this tool from the web. This software removal tool will scan your system for suspicious programs in chrome and will give you facility to remove them easily.

There are so many users in the internet, which are affected by these kinds of tools or third party software programs which affect their system badly. These types of software programs manipulate your browsing history and add-ons. They potentially integrate or download tools for browsers.

So, we can further sub-divide the modifications into two types. There are two types of modifications which can be done by virus infected programs to your browser. One is the alteration in the browser settings like changing the homepage and the search provider. The second one can be the addition of toolbars and add-ons in your browser.

There are different browsers which are supportive to a default feature called reset feature. But, in order to get rid of all type of virus and malware affected components from the browser, only reset is not essential. Google has recently released a tool named as Software Removal Tool For Windows to get rid of modifications mentioned above.

The software is in beta version, so it is highly recommended to perform two tasks before using this tool. First recommendation is to backup your browser, so that in any case you lost your history and bookmarks, then you can get your browser back in old situation through this backup. Second recommendation is to create a system restore point before starting the usage of this software removal tool released by Google.

Now, let’s discuss the method to use this program named as Software Removal Tool. First of all, you have to download the program from the official web address. After downloading, pay attention to the recommendations mentioned above and run the program. The program will not take time to install on your system as it runs right away when your downloading of the program completes.

After running of the program, you will be notified through a pop-up dialogue box that whether you are infected by any suspicious programs or not. If there are any virus effected programs, then click on the button named as Remove Suspicious Programs to remove them.

After running Software removal tool for windows released by Google, on first startup of Google Chrome you will see a dialog to reset your chrome. This process will reset your homepage, bookmarks and other third-party add-ons.

If you are tired of fixing your issues in Google Chrome browser, then this program is the best solution for you. This will try to fix your issue and will resolve your problems up to some extent. It will be only useful for beginner users or intermediate users, because professional users know how to remove such kind of programs. They also know better to block themselves from getting themselves in first place. 


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