7 Best Tools to Print to PDF

PDF (Portable document format) is a cross platform and quality format which is used to preserve documents irrespective of any hardware, operating system or any other application software. In the market, so many free PDF readers are available like Adobe reader, Foxit reader and many more but now other free tools known as PDF printers are also available that are specially designed so that you can save any file and then take its print out in a PDF format which means any system can easily access that file without going through any trouble. All these softwares are free and all those who own a company can realize the benefits of using free softwares. Some of them provide you with premium option so that you can use their more advance features.

The following are the 7 best software’s that are compatible with windows 7 and all are free and usable.

1. CutePDF: -
This is a more basic application than any other PDF software. With such tool you can easily create a professional document and it is available for only windows. It is a great program and super useful because it turns any of my documents, spreadsheets, power points, pictures into PDF files by just clicking on the "print" button.

2. Printfriendly: -
This is a simple tool and you can apply even to your blogging websites. It allows you to clean and format web pages before you save page as PDF. You can also take out the print of a document or even can share it via email. The important thing is that, url links are preserved which is something we want and hence making any webpage print friendly that is very easily.

3. PDFCreater: -
This is also a great application for converting any document into PDF formats. It creates a virtual printer that prints PDF files. It has good control over options like you have full control over the metadata of that file. In fact you can add additional information like adding an author or other information.

4. PDF24:-
It is a free, easy to use and no other crapware programs are installed. Also it doesn't nag me with regular updates as in some software every time we open our PC, updating message first flashes also some other unwanted programs gets installed which is very annoying.

5. DoPDF: -
Very similar to CutePDF when compared to features. If I want to create a simple PDF file then I will choose this tool also if you don’t want any crappy software to get installed then also this tool works best as it is clean. You can also choose different languages as translation.

6. BullZip: -
This tool provides you with some extra features like ability to password protect PDF files, ability to encrypt PDF file, ability to add a watermark, ability to merge PDF files, ability to choose output quality, and ability to change the metadata.

7. PDF995:-
PDF995 is another great tool which allows you to take print outs in PDF format but the thing I don’t like about this is every time you get advertisements when using a free version though it is a good tool to print any document to PDF format. So I can conclude since this tool has disadvantage of flashing unnecessary ads, it will be a tough competition this tool has to face.

Since PDF has lots of advantages over a simple word or excel sheets, so people prefer to use more PDF formats hence they need advance software to complete and preserve their tasks more efficiently. I hope you will find this list useful!!