Microsoft Windows Surface 2 vs. iPad Air- Which one is better

iPad Air has launched in market. Gadgets lover are wondering that how it will stand against newly launched Microsoft Surface 2. Is there any comparison between two?
So let’s compare these two tablets and see how to stand against each other. But before beginning let’s have a look on what iPad Air and Windows Surface 2 are?
So the iPad Air is the next generation of iPad but it is half pound lighter than previously launched iPads. It is also featured with new 5MP iSight rear camera and a A7 chipset. The device also supports a battery backup of maximum 10 hours. For Microsoft Surface 2 we can say that it is successor of Microsoft Surface. The device runs on Windows RT 8.1. The gadget is facilitated to provide a standby time of 28 days.  
Along with an impressive design and new A7 processor, iPad Air is among the large screen tablet across the world but I think that Microsoft will grab users attention with its new surface 2. Generally Surface 2 is an improvement of Microsoft Surface with a full HD display, powerful processor and updated Windows RT 8.1 Operating System. So now the point is that which tablet you should choose? For this let’s pass both these tablets from various competition steps.


The latest Apple iPad is a mixture of iPad mini and the original iPad. The home button for this gadget is below the display and the mute and volume button are located on the right edge. Two speakers are present on the bottom edge but power buttons are on the top.
For Microsoft Surface 2, I want to say that it has the same magnesium alloy body like previous Microsoft Surface tablet but along with some little differences. Microsoft’s Surface 2 has grabbed more ratting than Microsoft’s Surface tablet. This means that Microsoft’s Surface 2 has more fans than its previous version.
If we talk about its dimmentional specifications then we can observe that iPad Air is of 9.4 x 6.6 x 0.29 inches and has a weight of 1.05 pounds but Microsoft’s Surface 2 has dimension of 10.8 x 6.8 x 0.35 with a webght of 1.49 pounds, thus making iPad Air lighter.
So, here the winner is iPad Air as it is more lighter and has more attractive design than Microsoft Surface 2.


Ports department has limitation in iPad Air. It has a single  port for charging and accommodating other accessories. On the other hand Microsoft’s Surface 2 is features with all porting accessories like a full size USB 3.0 port, which easily allows users to plug-in a full size keyboard or a mouse etc. a micro USB port is also served in Microsoft’s Surface 2 at its right end. It also have a micro SD card slot.
Now, here Microsoft Surface 2 wins as it has all required ports for supporting perepherals.


The iPad Air is facilitated with 9.7 inches, 2048 x 1536 Retina Display. These features are among best features any tablet has every got. Microsoft’s Surface 2 has a display of 10.1 inch with 1920 x 1080 Clear Type display.
Quality image display is offered by Microsoft’s Surface 2 display but the colors of Surface 2 display seems over saturated. Also blacks were little accurate as we view on iPad Air. iPad Air has brightness rating of 4.11 lux and Microsoft’s Surface 2 has brightness rating of 364 lux.    
Here, iPad Air wins as it has sharper and brighter display along with better color accuracy.

Interface and Operating System

iPad Air has got iOS7 along with a modern and clean look and needed enhancements. All these include some Control Centre and Notification Center menu for quickly adjusting settings. In the features of iOS I want to say that iOS7 has modified multitasking capabilities. In this updated version, user can launch thumbnail by double tapping Home button. With the help of this you can easily swipe an app for closing an app.     
Microsoft Surface 2 is blessed with Windows RT 8.1 having a split- screen viewing mode. With the help of this you can enjoy multitasking with two apps of Windows 8 on same screen. This Operating System stands out live updates to your Start Screen. Pinning up apps to the start screen is very easy. You can also move them and can resize them.   
Here the winner is Microsoft Surface 2 for having Windows 8.1 along with many dynamic features but iOS is also more unified and is easier to use.


A person who is purchasing iPad Air will get a free access to Apple’s iWork productivity suite. This iWork productivity includes pages, numbers and keynotes. You will also get access to a huge library of productivity apps. On the other hand Windows Surface 2 come packed with Microsoft Student and Home which holds Notes, Outlook, Power Point, Excel and Word. Windows Store aslo have some cool productivity apps likeYammer and Lync but the tablet of Apple have huge section.   
A very distinctive advantage of Windows Surface 2 is that it provides a facility for using two apps on same screen at a time with the help of Snap feature. It also works with almost any type of printer via USB cable.
So our smart Windows Surface2 wins here again and have ofice built in and have superior multitasking making Surface 2 a better business tool.


iPad Air is the first iPad which is pre installed with 64- bit dual core A7 processor. The Microsoft Surface2 is supported with Nividia quad core Tegra 4 chip.
Among bith iPad Air comes as a winner.


iPad Air supports a camera of 5-MP which clicks good quality of image but the shot captured by 5MP of Microsoft Surface 2 gives a purple tinge effect along with clear destals. The colors also looks over warn but always please viewer eyes. Front facing camera of iPad Air captures excellent pictures but front facign camera of Windows Surface 2 is not as good as ipad Air.      
So, here the winner is Apple’s iPad Air which captures more accurate, brighter and sharp image.


iPad Air users can access 474,000 apps from Apple’s app store but Microsoft Window Surface 2 offers only 100,000 titles for its users. The apps which Microsoft Window Surface 2 does not include are YouTube, Snapchat, Spotify, Pandora and Instagram. It aslo lacks various games like Angry Birds Star Wars II and Candy Crush Saga. It is also true that Microsoft Window Surface 2 lacks 75% of many popular apps.
iPad Air wins with Apple App store facilities.

Battery Life

iPad Air supports a battery life of 11 hours and 51 minutes even while continuously surfing on Wi- Fi with the brightness og 40%. On the other hand Microsoft Window Surface 2 offers a battery life of 9 hours and 19 minutes which is the major power improvement  from first generation surface.
Now, iPad Air wins again offering 2 hours of more battery backup than Microsoft Windows Surface 2.


iPad Air with 16 GB of storage costs $499 but the Microsoft Window Surface 2 with 32 GB cost only $449. But Microsoft Window Surface 2 use only 18 GB of space and rest of the space is taken up by Windows RT 8.1 and many other pre installed apps.  
iPad Air of 32 GB costs only $599 and 64GB costs only $699 but if you have hunger of more space then you can get 128 GB iPad Air for $799. Surface 2 has a microSD slot facility which is not offered by iPad Air. You can also enjoy iPad Air on 4G LTE model for some additional cost.
Now, here the winner is Microsoft Window Surface 2.
From the above discussion you can guess that which one you will buy? But please share with us in comments about your views.


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