How to Delete all Your Personal Information from Internet

Do you want to escape from internet?
I thought you might have tried some methods by which you can erase your identity from internet but you can’t delete your information completely. So with the help of following steps you can do so. You can easily erase your information completely from internet.
But before proceeding you must take care that you will erase all of you information from the internet by doing so. There are many cases in which you can’t even start your account again with the same name and email address. Now below are the methods of erasing your personal information completely from internet.

1. Delete accounts: - It is very obvious that you might have joined many websites but you will never remember that how many you have joined. So if you want to delete yourself from internet then you must remove yourself from each of that website. The following list will surely help you do so.
  • Delete yourself from Facebook
  • Delete yourself from Twitter
  • Delete yourself from YouTube
  • Delete yourself from LinkedIn
  • Delete yourself from Flickr
  • Delete yourself from Stumble Upon
  • Delete yourself from MySpace
  • Delete yourself from PayPal
  • Delete yourself from eBay and other auction websites. 
  • Deleting yourself Craigslist and many other local advertising groups
  • Deleting from college and school websites. (Note:- You should take this action only if you are no longer enrolled)
  • Deleting your information from games website. By doing this it will remove the information of virtual items that you have won etc. 
  • You must also shutdown various associated accounts like Tweet deck and Hoot suite.
2. Take your way out of Undeletable accounts: - There are many websites which do not permit you to delete your complete information. But if you are having a real reason of deleting your account then you can contact the owner of the website. After that the site owner will accept the request of deleting your account or you can also change your real name for hiding your real identity. But you are not able to get any then you can perform following alternatives. 
  • Remove all of the information from your account. If the fields are mandatory then you can fill fake information in it. But for email address you can skip to our next step.
  • With the help of free email provides you can create a new email account. In this new email account provide fake information. And make your email address as much different as possible. 
  • Now you can link your Undeletable account with this email address and can confirm it. And after doing this make sure that your original email address will not appear in your account. 
  •  Like this you can do with all your undeletable email addresses. 
3. Shutdown your personal websites: - If you having a website on internet and don’t want to use it then you can remove it completely from internet. For example
  • If you have posted some articles under you name then only if it is permitted by the website then you can delete them otherwise not. 
  • There might have some forums which you have joined. Although these forums have policy in which they can delete your account if your will not use it for certain period of time. So you can adopt this option.
  • If you own a blog or a website but now it is no longer in use then you can also close them. It also depends on the hosting and validity of domain name. Once they are expired then your personal information will be automatically vanished from the internet. 
4. Checking phone’s company: - You can have a look in your phones company for making sure that if your number is online or not? If you number is online then you can ask them to remove it from there.

5. Cancel all mailing lists: - You can unsubscribe from the various subscribed website. For doing this you can open any of the received email from that website and then click on unsubscribes option available at the end of the mail. This will direct you to the unsubscription page and by doing this your information will be deleted automatically from that website.

6. Search Engine: - You can take the help of search engines. For this you have to type your name, email address, phone number, user name and other details. After that click on search option. If any information appears in the search page then now your job is to delete your information from there. But you have to do this for all search engines like Yahoo, Google, Bing, White Pages, US Search, Intelius, Yahoo Page Search, Acxiom, People Finder and Zaba Search.

7. Taking help of professional company: - After doing the entire struggle if you feel that still there is some information of your available in internet then you can take the help of a professional company for cleaning up your data from the internet.


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