Top 10 Best Free Online Conference Call Services

Are you searching for Free Online Conference Call Services to stay connected with people across the world? Here you go with Top 10 Best Free Online Conference Call Services.

1. Skype
Skype is popular among the Free Online Conference Call Services available on the web. Calling, messaging, sharing and seeing others despite there location. Its very simple process to join Skype, download the software onto your gadget and invite others to connect.
2. ZOHO Meeting
“Zoho allows you to collaborate and meet your online distant people.” It’s wonderful tool to share your desktop and working together in real-time. It even supports voice conferencing by means of VoIP or telephone.
3. Paltalk
Paltalk is a leading online video chat room network and is considered as the most excellent one among various Free Online Conference Call Services. Look at numerous video chat rooms and meet your family, colleagues, friends etc.
Facebook is one of the Free Online Conference Call Services. Facebook is presently supporting online video calling (in association with Skype), even if you cannot perform group video calls presently. You can, still, go for group text chats. It’s considerable as almost everybody is possessing a Facebook account these days.
5. GoToMeeting
GEasy is a online meeting tool and web conferencing. Work with anybody, anyplace. Free Trial 1 month of infinite meetings with nearly 15 audience. GoTomeeting conference call software is compatible for PC and mac.
6. Google+ Hangouts
Google+ Hangouts is one more social network that has video chatting facility and with a group chat. You must install the Google voice and video plugins to use this service. Once you are done with it, you be able to use video in iGoogle, Orkut and Gmail. It is currently one of the simplest ways to view a group of associates at one time.
7. Tokbox
Using this service, you can connect face to face with many people from 2 to 200 people. You don't need any fuss or download process. Nearly 20 to 25 people on video conferencing is suggested. Tokbox seeks itself evidently at the free customer videoconferencing market.
8. Fuze Meeting
This service provides online meetings in HD. It has a wonderful video tool that displays a range of video file types along with the HD video. Users can fordward and backward the Video, you can even zoom in, zoomout, add text, shapes, notes and arrows to the video. Fuze Meeting displays MOV, MP4, FLV, and WMV type video files.
9. ShowDocument
ShowDocument presents screen sharing, online meetings, and real-time association – all with just a single click. It has several features such as whiteboarding tools, chat (video, voice, text), chat translator, and sharing of web pages, Google maps and YouTube videos. You can modify ShowDocument and include functionality using the App Center. If you wish to use it frequently, it is better to install the Firefox Add-on or Chrome extension. An Android app is also available, people who wish to use this service on their mobile gadgets can go for it.
10. Vyew
Vyew is wonderful for sharing content and meeting in real-time. Users can collaborate on files, documents, videos and images. It comprises screen sharing, activity tracking, whiteboarding tools, VoIP, text chat, voice notes, and more. No installation is required and a free version is available which presents unlimited use with nearly 10 people, but it is ad maintained. A unique characteristic of Vyew is that it provides fairly a few plug-ins that can include additional functionality to the service such as adding MP3′s, videos, polls and YouTube.
All these are Free Online Conference Call Services which would serves you in different purposes such as, meeting your friends, sharing content, conducting seminars, presentation purpose etc.


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