Top 5 Websites To Send Free Voice SMS Online.

Hello friends are you searching for some unique ways for communication with your girlfriend or friend.? Or do you want to propose someone by some unique ways.? If yes,Then you are in right place because in today's article we will discuss some websites which are help us to Send Free Voice SMS Online.

Before we start discussing i tell you first that there are lot of websites available on internet which pay you to send voice SMS. But i know Money is Honey and no one wants to spend a penny to send voice SMS's. But don't worry Technologyraise always with you and always helps you to search some ways to save money. Like read Below Article:

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List Of Websites To Send Free Voice SMS Online:

Site2SMS comes in first category because of its main advantages like Site2SMS delivers your 98% of messages in 15 Seconds.Means the delivery time is very less.I also used this website to send free voice SMS to my girlfriend and friends.And i also recommended you to use this website to send free voice sms online.

Also this website provide us Text Messaging Service and Live voice calling in free.But the disadvantage i see in this website is that it is only for Indian Users.So if you are indian use this websites.

MSZ2VOICE is another free website to send free voice SMS online.What the admin of MSZ2VOICE says :They think that many of peoples in India are from villages and use spoken(voice calling) and Text messaging methods for communication.And that's why specially for them they launched this website.And main thing on this website is that it is freeware and easy to use.

MocoLife is an another free website to send free voice SMS online.To send free voice SMS just register at MocoLife and dedicate 5 free voice greetings to friends and family.This website consist of wide collection of greetings like Birthday wishes greetings,Anniversary wishes,Thank You messages,Love Messages.You can also schedule greetings on this website.

SMSjunction is an another website to send free voice SMS online and also similar website to as we discussed above.But the main advantage of this website is that this website is very easy to use. Just SignUp to the website and immediately you are able to send voice SMS.So how to send voice SMS using SMSjunction: Dial SMSjunction's Voice Message System 877-550-SMSjunction.And send it to person you wish.

Another website to send free voice SMS online.And what's the tag line of this website"Your text Delivered as speech".And this is an easy method to send information to any mobile device easily. Voice SMS lets your message reach visually impaired people, as well as users with land line fixed phones.

So here are the top 5 websites to send Free Voice SMS online.If you know more leave a reply below.Thanks....


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