How to improve your Facebook Page and Facebook Page Likes

Social Networking is not a new term to the world today, information and communication transition has made us more interconnected to people virtually. We need not to actually meet some in personal or communicate through calls; social networking sites does it all and the topper to the list is Facebook. Most of us try out different procedures to make Facebook profile as well as posts more and more appealing content, which in turn proclaim our popularity amongst our friends and society. Through this article we would like to share some tips to increase your popularity amongst Facebook.
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  • Amplify Your Profile
Add your best photo shot from your camera on Facebook. Only update status if you have something out of the ordinary to express or if you are sure to get 'likes' as this will amplify your respect and character in your social life. People will remember you and your created photo gallery of your friends as well as family, or even vacation places.
  • Indulge in Many Social Group
Join as many interesting social as well as personalized groups. Add as many applications as are interesting and useful and updated as per the world of apps. Become fans of as many things that you like, that is a great way to show your buddies what interests you.
  • Socialize
Express your comments by writing on people’s walls only for interesting things. Do not send them virtual things and gifts, as many will feel annoyed. Poke some of them. Comment on photos. Give compliments and likes to their posts.
  • Keep Your Audience Engaged
When you post content and have conversations on your Page, you are actually building allegiance and creating opportunities to generate popularity. Learn how to create content that will keep your audience interested and engaged
  • Advertise Your Post To Reach More People In News Feed
Advertise your post is an easy way to reach more of the people who visit and like your Page and their acquaintance in their news feed. Promoting a post simply raises it higher than it would otherwise appear in your audience's news feeds.
  • Page Update Notifications
Users who really want to connect with a page and receive all updates can opt-in for notifications. They can be pinged whenever the page submits a new post. However, pages should be careful not to update too often as some peer may be turned off.
  • Text-Only Posts
While photos and videos and questions are a buzz, exploration shows that text posts are carrying out better on Facebook. Not only test post but posts that have some kind of appeal to action, encouraging a reader to comment, usually results in better rates of rendezvous.
  • Timing Is Key
Last but not the least, regular updates, post, check-in and most importantly Timeline Photos are the key to keep yourself popular and people’s choice on Facebook

Pros and cons would continue to carry on, what would stay constant is the fact that Social Networking sites as Facebook have a strong impact your Social presentation.


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