Amazon Kindle Fire vs. Lenovo IdeaPad Laptop

9:48 AM By Anonymous ,

Here we are discussing that which is best the Amazon Kindle Fire or Lenovo IdeaPad Laptop there is a question that if you go to the market for baying and you have to chose the one between those two then which is the one you chose. The answer of this question is not too easy because tablet has the same abilities which a laptop has. 

If we take a look on Lenovo's IdeaPad laptop then we can see that it is very excellent for watching videos.
We experienced not as much of costly tablets accessible which is Kindle Fire High Definition and its price is $ 199. In this less than $ 200 price you have a 7.0 inches screen and a Wi-Fi system and the memory of this tablet is 16 GB. And if you want a 32 GB version then you have to spent more money.

  But there is a point that tablets are not physically powerful like laptops. There is another factor of memory that tablets don’t have much memory some tablets have micro SD card that provides you 64 GB memory but this is also not good for your storage.

 In Amazon Kindle Fire tablet you have a 7 inches screen high quality display and also a lots of apps but still some people wants a hard big keyboard and a big screen and a hard disk and all these things are available in laptops.

But tablets aren't the answer for everyone. Some users still need the larger physical keyboard, larger screen, and hard-disk and optical drives that a laptop offers. At the same price Apple is giving his ipad with retina display and Lenovo Series Z480 laptop is also available at this price.

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