5 Substitutes of Facebook

Facebook is a largest social network in nowadays millions of peoples are sharing their information and talking with their beloved once with this social site. Facebook provide a good service to his users. There are also no issues in the security system of Facebook overall Facebook is a greatest social media and all the people in the world using Facebook for their convenience.  In this conversation we are going to tell you about the 5 substitutes of Facebook which you can use instead of Facebook.
Below you can see the 5 substitutes of Facebook one by one:

1. Bebo

The first substitute of Facebook is Bebo is made by AOL Bebo is a well growing social site in USA but it is also one of the most popular site in united kingdom and its nearby countries. I realize that, Bebo is solitary of the small number of social networking sites which defaults your information to secretive, a salutation element for persons looking to run away Facebook’s anti isolation.
In Bebo you got a number of choices of third gathering social media addition all along with the classic abilities you’d look ahead to such as photo tags, videos, music, and others like this.
Friendster is the second great social media site and it is already very well-liked in Asia but as well as in the US and UK. The Friendster allows you a small number of features to modify your outline, contribution a small amount of profile. Same as Facebook, Friendster also has a little large application which you can add to your profile.
Google plus is also a kind of site where you can put you information securely and also communicate with your all friends. Google plus is using by almost all the people who uses the Gmail or Google search engine. Google plus provides you a great platform to place your information’s and it also has communities like Facebook and also you can make friends on Google plus.

4. Orkut

Orkut is also a good social site and it is made by Google this site is highly using by the people of the two cities Brazil and India but it not has a great popularity in the country of united state.

 To do your work on Orkut you need a Gmail account and everybody is also using the Gmail account so it is easy to sign up for Orkut. This site does not allow you to customize your profile but other features are good.
Friend Feed formulate it trouble-free for the friends to go behind a user’s latently enormous quantity of information. However this is a vast service, actually it was actually get hold of by Facebook in 2009. What is the reason of concern its isolation, I am not fully sure about this. If you know something about this thing then post it into the comments.

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