Top 10 antivirus for 2013

Antivirus software is a computer program that detects virus which get installed without our knowledge, it  take actions to remove malicious programs which may be virus or such type of program and prevent them from  harming  computer system. Virus is opposite to antivirus which perform illegal operation with your operating system and damage your data, virus enter in your system when you surf a website which contain malicious contents or when you download a file it may also be download virus or when you use removable media such as USB, if it contain virus in it there is a great possibility in it that it may harm your computer.
You should install antivirus in your system to secure your data and information and also let your system work properly and it is also important that you regularly update your antivirus so that you  remain protected with newly created viruses. This is the reason that why antivirus software should be updated regularly otherwise they viruses may harm your computer.
We Sort out list of Top 10 antivirus for year 2013

#1 Bit defender Antivirus Plus 2013

Bit defender Antivirus Plus 2013 free download

Bit defender Antivirus Plus is strong and easy antivirus software offering effective security, simple usability, effective resource usage. Bit defender Antivirus Plus is the best antivirus software and Gold Award winner last year. It has strong software solution with superior protection and performance whether you’re an advanced user looking to control the whole process manually or an average user who simply wants a set-and-forget solution.This antivirus software provides protection without slowing your PC performance and speed. 


#2 Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2013

Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2013 free download

Kaspersky Anti-Virus  brings you the essential antivirus technologies that your PC needs – in a product that’s easy to download, install and run. Kaspersky Anti-Virus work behind the main programs ensuring your computer system against spyware, viruses, Trojans, and other programs that are harmful for you and your PC’s performance. Kaspersky is best for newly built and unknown viruses.


#3 Norton Anti-Virus 2013

Norton Anti-Virus 2013 free download

Norton Anti-Virus is effective antivirus software from Symantec. It protects against viruses, worms, bots and spyware. Norton Anti-Virus is easy to install and use. It scans quickly. And you can get free customer support every day at any time. Norton antivirus smartly secure the most important files and data unless you select the setting which does not allow software to shield important data. If you want more better anti-phishing protection, you’ll need to upgrade from Norton Anti-Virus to Norton Internet Security.


#4 F-Secure Anti-Virus 2013

F-Secure Anti-Virus 2013 free download
This Anti-Virus is one of  the best  and popular antivirus in 2012. It does not slow your computer.have new protection technique,, F-Secure protects against worms,spyware,viruses,  and Trojans. it  also locate and remove root kits. This antivirus software also prevent computer from viruses which spread through emails, cookies or malware that tries to destroy the computer registry.F-Secure Internet Security 2013 protects the content and safeguards you when you are browsing on internet. It's interesting feature is that it include online chat or phone support.


#5 G Data Anti-Virus 2013
G Data Anti-Virus 2013 free download

G Data Anti-Virus is among the best antivirus software's.  It ensures a very high level of security. This antivirus software use two distinct virus scanning systems. It performs well with third-party testers. As compared to other antivirus software this software is not the fastest one, but interestingly its scanning speed is far more than other antivirus programs, this antivirus comes with the highest detection rate an almost perfect score of near 100 percent. 


#6 Bull Guard Antivirus 2013

Bull Guard Antivirus 2013 free download

Bull Guard antivirus software earned certification from ICSA labs, which tests and retest products at least on a quarterly basis in order to ensure that they are able to defend your computer against emerging threats. This product can also claim VB 100 certification, which means Virus Bulletin has tested it for its ability to detect in-the-wild viruses and its ability to generate no false positives. Bull Guard antivirus software also has AV-Test Labs certification.


#7 AVG Anti-Virus 2013

AVG Anti-Virus 2013 free download

One of the most respected and objective independent IT-security institutes. AVG Anti-Virus software work with technique of protection of layers. It's first function (layer) is simple antivirus scanning, which search viruses by matching them to a database which they have made in it of known viruses. It  defends against spyware and ad ware in order to secure account information. Another layer,  Resident Shield, prevents you from files which are infected with viruses this is very useful shield.


#8 Avast! Pro Antivirus 7

Avast! Pro Antivirus 7 free download

This Antivirus has fast scanning system to protect, detect and remove programs that tries to bypass built in virus scanning system. If files show behavior which look like virus the heuristic scanning engine stop these files to work. Avast work in back ground of  screens, and protect your computer without using much interaction. Data is scanned in real time. Everything is very easy to use. Avast includes an automatic gaming mode.


#9 Trend Micro Titanium Antivirus + 2013
Trend Micro Titanium Antivirus + 2013 free download

This antivirus software uses same signature based security with real-time protection as other virus scanner uses. This is cloud based antivirus software, Trend Micro Smart Protection Network, collects data on  new viruses from the group of peoples and then tell every installed copy of the software about new these new viruses. It also detects viruses based on the functions of files to see how they work with other programs. Trend Micro uses technology of file-reputation to find files for peoples that may be a threat to their computer and alarm them to update their copies of software on regular basis.


#10 VIPRE Antivirus 2013

VIPRE Antivirus 2013 fre download

It protects against viruses and spyware. It also maintains your security during emailing and instant messaging sessions. Because removable media are a source of malware. VIPRE scans items such as USB thumb drives when it detects they have been inserted. VIPRE tests well at third party test labs and it provides good technical support to its users. GFI's VIPRE Antivirus looks great, installs easily, scans quickly and protects effectively. Third-party test results show that it guards against malware threats and disinfects compromised machines while being easy to use.Technical support is excellent.


That's all we have so tell about this list or any one you prefer then these in comments


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