The London 2012 Olympic Games Google Doodles

 As we all know that this year London is organizing Olympics 2012 To celebrate the Olympics game Google is also supporting london by creating different Doodles every day .
These Doodle started from 27th july with the opening ceremony and then they moved to celebrate diving ,archery,fencing and other Olympics Games
These doodles can be seen on all Google sites i.e on main Google page and others search pages.
We will be adding the newer Olympics Google Doodles as they are published , below

 Friday 27 July : Opening Ceremony London Olympics2012

Google celebrated opening ceremony of london olympics 2012 with a doodle of five athletesplaying different Olympic sports including  football , basketball, fencing,running, swimming and javelin throw.

Saturday 28 July: London Archery 2012

Google posted second doodle of Archer .In this doodle a  female archer taking aim at a bullseyeand targeting the 'O' on the Google logo painted on a wall.

Sunday 29 July : London Diving 2012

The third in the series , a diving doodle ,in which a female diver in position for the plunge on the diving board over a pool that has the google logo on the buttom

Monday 30 July: London Fencing 2012

The forth doodle for the games,Google posted a doodle dedicated to Fencing facing off on a stage . The letter "o"in this is the head for one fencer,on the other hand  "I" is the foil for the other.

Tuesday 31 July :London Rings 2012

The fifth doodle is featured a doodle in which a male gymnast displaying his craft on rings.The two rings form the two "o" in the word google.

Wednesday 1 August:London Hockey 2012

The sixth doodle is featured a doodle dedicated to Hockey. In which a women is holding a hockey stick and trying to hit the ball .This type of doodle is posted first time by Google

Thursday 2August: London Table Tennis 2012

Google posted a doodle on table tennis as the seventh doodle for th Olympics series. In this Doodle two table tennis players are playing .The logo of google is printed on the middle net with a hidden "O" which is completed by a playing racket.

Friday 3 August: London Shot Put 2012

In the eight doodle a man getting ready to throw a shot put, the google logo appeared in ther horizon and the two man were seen standing near the alphabet "L" of the word .

Saturday 4 August: London Pole Vault 2012

Pole vault is the ninth Google olympic doodle .In this a female pole vaulter in action and trying to take a leap using a long and flexible pole aslo the Google logo is seen partially behind a stadium.

Sunday 5 August: London  Synchronised Swimming 2012

Synchronised swimming is the tenth olympic doodle .In this there is a pool in which Google logo is formed with missing "O" and completed with the swimmers by making a ring .

Monday 6 August : London Javelin Throm 2012

The eleventh doodle in the series was dedicated to javelin throw , where a javelin thrower was seen taking his position in the ground .At the background , the term "Google" was written in a slapdash manner with the second "O" hidden behind the thrower

Tuesday 7 August : London Hurdles 2012

The 12th doodle of the Olympic series was an interactive one , the first doodle which allowed the user to take participation in a single -player hurdles race, with an 'O' converted into the start button  so by clicking on it your game will be start. Left-right arrow keys were dedicated to run and space bar key can be used to jump over the hurdles. In the race there are total 10 hurdles which you have to cross.Your result will be shown in seconds i.e at what time you had completed the race.and the star rating is also displayed on the screen .
Moreover you can share your result on Google+. 

Wednesday 8 August : London 2012 Basketball

The thieteenth doodle was based on Basketball .This doodle feature you to play basket ball by clicking on a button below the 1st "O" of google .After clicking game will start and you have to put ball in basket in 24 second as many as you can.
Rule to follow to while playing.
Use space bar to sets the shot .
As the game progress the distance between player and basket net will increase.
Moreover, to increase the power of shot keep the ball in hands for a while and to decrease throw ball quickly.
Finally, at the end of 24 second your score are display with star ranking.based on condition.You can also share your result on Google +.

Thrusday 9 August : London Slalom Canoe 2012

Friday 10 August : London Soccer 2012