How To Play Sony Play Station 2 Games on your PC

12:59 PM By Jordan

Step 1 :- Download and Install PCSX2

PCSX2 comes in two package a binary file that is it is in Zip File you have to Unzip it or Installation file just install or extract it to your folder choice.

Step 2 :- Getting The Bios File

To play PS2 games on your PC you need the latest bios for your PC. It is a essential thing to have on your system so here is the given link for the latest bios for PS2 games.

Download Link:-


Step 3 :- Running PCSX2 and Configuring Bios to your system

As the image is displaying you have to setting this configuration to your PCSX2. and in Bios Selection Browse the Bios that you download and then configure the setting on your PC.


Step 4 :- Play the Game

Run the PCSX2.exe, now you have to load the image file of any game that you have. After loading the image

click on Boot CDCD(fast). You can understand with images as well.



Here are the screen shots of this you can enjoy the games on your on PC.