How To Send free SMS From Yahoo Messenger

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Hello Friends Here I want to show you that How to Send Free SMS Form Yahoo messanger. It is so Simple and easy.

1 :- Sign In On Yahoo Messenger.
2:- After Signing In to Yahoo. Click on Action and then click on "Send an SMS Message" as shown in the given below Figure.

3 :- After clicking on This. A box will appear on your Desktop.When the box Will appear it will look like This.

4:- Fill the mobile Number in the Box with its STD code.
     For Example If you are calling to India Then Before the Mobile Number you Will have to put the STD Code i.e. +91

5:- After Putting the number with STD code Press OK

6 :-A Dilog Boz Will Apper On the Screen
Then Click On send The Message Will Sent To whom are You Sending