How can I hide data within an image?

The art of hiding data behind an image is team as steganography .There are two ways to hide data by using software and without software.For hiding data with software we need two sofware WinRAR installed on your computer and Microsoft window with the access to commmand prompt.

1.   firstly create a text file contining your secret message or hidden data and highlight it and similarly highlight            
      each file you wish to secretly add to the image . let we created a text file called " rishabh.txt".

2   once you highlighted right click the highlighted file and then click ADD TO "rishabh.rar", where  
      rishabh.rar is the name given to the file which we right clicked on.

3   open an window command prompt

4    move to the directory that contains the .rar file and the image you wish to hide the text in.

5    then type a command 
      copy /b hidden.jpg + rishabh.rar hidden .jpg

     In the above command ,"hidden .jpg" is the name of the image you're using ,the .rar file is the name of the  
     file used earlier, and hidden .jpg is the name of the new image containing hidden message 

        finally the image will look like as shown.

       To view the hidden messege behind the hidden file follow the step given below.

1     Save the image to the computer .

2     Open WinRAR by clicking Start , programs , WinRAR, and then WinRAR.

3     Within WinRAR click file and open achive. within the open window make sure your file of type option                            
        all files and not just for compressed file.

4      Browse to the location of image and then double click to the image to open it.

5      Once open it it display the file(s) containing within the image .


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